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Love Spells

Love is the most powerful human emotion. Love has the power to make people achieve unachievable feats and for those who are in love, it is their driving force for life. Love can make one stand up for his/her causes, fight against the entire world. However, a love affair that has gone wary can also compel someone to do disgusting and distasteful things.

Love spells are often seen as manipulative and often carried out to control a love relationship. Hence, some might even frown upon even at the use of the word love spell. However, love spells can be carried out with both positive and negative energy. Spells containing positive energy are likely to strengthen a relation and improve the relation. But, spells carried out with vengeance might end up fetching destructive results.

If one is planning to perform love spells, he/she might remember that you can’t win someone’s love through compulsion or manipulation. Performing love spells on someone is not only unethical but can also bring in various negative effects on the person who cast it. When a love spell is cast with negative forces it invalidates the fundamental rules of love that are built on mutual respect and admiration.

Love spells have a long standing history though its origin can’t be pinpointed to a particular place or country. There are many mentions of love spells and aphrodisiacs in Greek and Egyptian mythology. In the second century, popular philosopher Apuleius was accused and acquitted for using love spell in attracting his wealthy wife.

In the ancient world love spells were performed with great intensity. Then every tribe had their own spells and witches and wizards were known to hold very respectable position in their societies for their abilities to cast spells. Those were mainly used in controlling or manipulating one person. There were many love charms and love potions which were used as powerful mediums in casting love spells.

Many of these love spells are still widely in use. Many of the modern love spells are still based on the age-old practices. Even today one may wear or make the intended person wear charms on their body.


Positive Love Spells

Love spells can be used in discovering inner fears, blockades and negative feeling and therefore can be used in removing them as well. If you have all the positive thinking at heart your love spells are likely to achieve positive results. The positive forces in love are,

  1. Admiration
  2. Balance
  3. Joy / happiness
  4. Love
  5. Peace
  6. Power
  7. Protect
  8. Respect
  9. Strength
  10. Understanding

Love spells which channelize positive energy are known as positive love spells. Love spells when performed with the positive vigor often help in enhancing one’s self-esteem. Some of the popularly known and practiced positive love spells are,

  1. Beauty Spell or become attractive spell
  2. Simple Love Spell
  3. Non-manipulative love spell
  4. Banishing unwanted admirers spell
  5. Drawing new lovers love spell
  6. Win back your love spell
  7. Making up spells

Some other popular positive/white love spells are,

  1. Finding love spells
  2. Keeping love spells
  3. Strengthening relationship spell
  4. Rescuing love spells
  5. Rekindle love spells


Negative Love Spells

Similarly, there are love spells that are cast with negative energy like- vengeance, hatred, unfaithfulness and the like. These spells are often more complex than simple love spells and if go wary can even be destructive to the spell caster. Negative love spells fall into the category of black magic and people intend to cast a black magic are advised to hire professional witches and wizards. Black magic is exercised on different occasions such as-

  1. Reuniting lost lovers,
  2. Improving sex drive in a relationship,
  3. Wining back an estranged lover,
  4. Improving love quotient in a marriage,
  5. Changing a friend's mind to make him/her fall in love with you
  6. Manipulating a love relationship
  7. Break ups
  8. Helping with same sex relationships

When some people might not consider black magic as evil, others would suggest that it defies the very fundamental of a romantic relationship, which should always be based on mutual understanding and love.


A beginner’s guide to Love Spells

Casting a love spell may demand some expertise and often experienced people will advice hiring a professional spell caster for better results. However, if you still intend to become a love spell caster yourself, here is a beginner’s guide for that purpose.

So how do love spells work? Are they really complex to perform? Following is the list of factors which when added together can help evoking a successful love spell.

Law of Attraction

It is the basic principle of a love relationship which states that ‘like attracts like’. It suggests that if you’re a loving person with positive attitude you are likely to attract same emotions towards you. Since love is all about energy you will be reciprocated with same energy waves that you emit, i.e. if you are fun-loving and energetic, you are likely to attract the same emotion from other. Hence, you may ensure that you stay positive and energetic with your views towards life when looking for a romantic association. This will improve the level of positive energy around you and is also likely to improve the success rate of your love spell.

Faith and belief

Faith and belief are the two most important factors in any relationship. When a love spell is performed in good faith and with sincere beliefs it will achieve the best result. But if you perform it half-heartedly or are skeptical about it, then the spell might fail to ignite the spark. To make a love spell successful one needs to focus on creating a stream of positive energy.

Positive aura

The invisible field of energy that surrounds us is known as aura and to make your love spells effective you must keep it clean and clear. If you emit positive aura people are likely to get attracted towards you. Always have a positive outlook towards your love life and have faith on your partner. This will make your partner more confident about you. Love spells are often performed to clear away the negative energy around you. Only with positive attitude you are expected to attract the attention of your true soul mate.


Finally, what you want to achieve through your efforts would speak about the end result for you. It is therefore essential to have your intent clear. People with stronger desires are likely to get more success from their efforts. It is a popular belief that everything in this world are made of pure energy. Witches and spell casters are often known to draw energy from people, animals, plants and inanimate objects to make their spells work. It is the ability to manipulate the energy field which would ensure the success of your spell. Only with pure energy and clear objective you can cast a successful love spell.

Instruments and ingredients

A number of tools and ingredients are used in casting spells. Uses of ingredients may vary between the witches. Some may even perform certain rituals and chant hymns while casting a spell. Ingredients like- oils, herbs, candles, aromatic oils are largely in use in performing love spells. Burning of human shaped candles, smearing with aromatic oil are some of the popular rituals performed during spell casting. These are said to produce and channelize the right amount of energy which would make the spell successful.


To Bring Back Lost Love

Ingredients Required:

  1. A pink candle
  2. A green candle
  3. A yellow candle
  4. A light-blue candle
  5. Two crimson candles


  1. Place the pink candle in the South, green candle in the North, yellow candle in the East and the light-blue candle in the West.
  2. Hold the two crimson candles in your hands and face the pink candle.
  3. Chant the following lines: 'Almighty Goddess, powerful God, Listen to my prayer! Lords of fire, burn my yearning, times three if it is meant to be, bring my beloved (name of your beloved) back to me.'


To Make Your Lover Faithful

Ingredients Required:

  1. Licorice herb
  2. Marigolds
  3. Rosemary
  4. Cumin (optional)


  1. Sprinkle the licorice herb over your lover or spouse or on the footprints of your lover or spouse
  2. Place marigolds or rosemary in, under or around the bed of your beloved/spouse.
  3. You can also add cumin to the food that is consumed by you and your lover/spouse and this step is optional


Spell to bring your lover back to you

Before you cast this spell on your lover make sure that the other person still loves you, else they may just start hating you. Ingredients needed are, parchment paper, red ink, red candle. The procedure includes, lighting the red candle and write these lines on the piece of parchment paper.

Write with red ink, (person's name) "If there is still a spark in your heart for me let it now inflame your heart, forgiving the past kindling the flame, of our love that once was let it be again, So Mote it Be". After these sentences are written, let the parchment burn away as you hold it on the flame. While the paper burns away chant these lines "as this burns so does your love for me. As this burns you will return to me. So Mote It Be".

Spell to find a mate

A simple spell to find a mate is the most attractive element for the singles who are into witchcraft. The ingredients required for this spell are, candle, piece of paper, small cauldron, rose petal. Once the ingredients are arranged for, the spell casting can begin by lighting the candle and then the practitioner has to write what he or she wants in their lover and has to read it out loudly. Following this, fold the paper as if it will be kept in an envelope and place one end of the paper inside fire and then keep it in the cauldron that you have. Keep or hold the rose petal to your forehead and say the spell "Somewhere out there, across the sea, Bring to me, my destiny, when the good and bad wind blows, then his/her face to me then shows". After chanting the spell, kiss the rose petal and throw it in to the cauldron too. Love will find you.
Some popular believes regarding indispensability of certain ingredients have made them quintessential for casting spells for e.g.- ingredients like roses and pink candles are often associated with love and hence are widely used in casting various love spells. These ingredients are known to transmit the right kind of energy which the witches tap into.


To Be With Your Lover Always

Ingredients Required:

  1. Red candle
  2. Photo of the person, who you want as your mate


  1. Light the red candle
  2. Hold the candle in front of the photograph of the person.
  3. Chant the following lines: Let the truth crash down like a wave,
    Thus, my own heart I can save,
    Let (first and last name) now see what's inside,
    So together our hearts shall glide.
  4. Repeat the chant three times while you concentrate on the picture.


To Attract a Lover

Ingredients Required:

  1. 2 or 3 inch piece of Copper tubing
  2. A piece of paper
  3. Pen/ pencil
  4. A pair of pliers


  1. Write the name of the person with whom you want to spend the rest of your life on a piece of paper seven times.
  2. Place the paper in the tube and take the help of the pliers to close the ends of the tube.
  3. For eight consecutive days wear this tube around your neck


If you are a first time spell caster you may find it hard to concentrate upon your goals. Since the success of the spell would depend upon the clarity of one’s mind it is therefore essential for one to improve his level of concentration. This can be done through meditation. Meditation would help in improving your concentration level and at the same time would clear your mind from all negative thoughts and doubts.

To become a successful spell caster you have to have a clear understanding of yourself- what kind of a person you are, whether you are right in desiring the certain person, whether it is right to cast a spell in achieving it and the like. You need to be certain of yourself before performing the spell or else it might fail to achieve results.

Often time love spells are considered as negative approach and you may not find wide acceptance of love spells amongst societies. It is a popular belief that love spells are manipulative and therefore taint the strongest of the human emotion-love. If you love someone you should always have his/her best interest at heart and might not try to win over that person in unethical ways.