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Hip Hop Love Songs

Hip hop is not one of the most likely genres that you come to your mind when you think of love songs.

However, on the contrary, hip hop is one of those musical type in which some of the most famous and lovely love songs have been composed.

There are some singers in this genre who have come out with great songs to be dedicated to one’s love. In fact artists of this genre have pushed aside their usual hip hop mode to churn out songs that reveal their sweet, soft corner for their love. Get the list to find out the best picks for the best hip-hop love songs and dedicate it to your lover.

  1. "I Need a Girl" by Diddy Featuring Usher, Loon
    It is one of the popular hits by a hip hop artist created when his romantic relationship hit a rough patch with Jennifer Lopez. It was this music diva that worked as an inspiration behind the writing of the song by the music mogul and playboy

  2. "Smooth Operator" by Big Daddy Kane
    It is the right hip hop love song for all those who have had a great luck in love. This 1989 song went on to became a huge hit and even now comes easy to the lips of the young and the flamboyant. It is also played out in parties as a dedication to men who are generally typecast as “ladies’ man”.

  3. "One Love" by Whodini
    Hip hop love songs became a huge rage and came out to be played in pubs, lounges, discs and rocking party venues when songs like this one hit the screen in 1986. It was at this time that romantic numbers in the hip hop genre started gaining a wider prominence in the music circles. The famed track still remains popular with a large number of young music lovers.

  4. "I'll Be There for You/You're All I Need to Get" by Method Man (feat. Mary J. Blige)
    If you want to make your girl feel teary or are heartbroken with a failed case of love then listen to the famous number

  5. "21 Questions" by 50 cents
    A song that created quite a buzz in the category of love songs by hip hop artists.

  6. "Passing Me By" by The Pharcyde
    Till this song and a few others hit other love songs hit the music scene, rappers had an image of only churning out sex songs or a pimpin" player’s song but with such songs, rappers showed they had a soft side too.

  7. "Killing Me Softly” by The Fugees
    This hip hop love song by Lauryn Hill initiated music lovers to a new kind of seductive appeal.

  8. "Teenage Love" by Slick Rick
    This song hit the music charts in 1988 and with it Slick Rick showed that nothing hurts more than a teenage heartbreak.

  9. "I Used to Love Her" by Common
    It was a song that became a rage with the youth.

  10. "International Players Anthem" by UGK (feat. Outkast)
    It is a different kind of Hip Hop love song that tells the story of a player who realizes that the time has come for him to settle down and he retires into a married life with his team mates getting sad on losing a precious member of the team.