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Love Songs For Him

Have you recently fallen in love? Are you among those who want to express your feelings though some well written verses by some famous singers across the world?

Love songs have always been very helpful to manifest those unspoken words, especially for a lady to the man she falls for.

Here is a list from which you can choose your pick and dedicate to him, so that he gets to know what your inner feelings for him are.

  1. Crazy for you- by Madonna
    This popular song of the 80’s was all about a teenage love, depicting the chemistry of love and attraction between them. This was her first ballad single release and still remains the best song ever sung by the star. Madonna was already a big star before the song churned the hearts of the teenagers with her simple but heart touching lyrics and is one of the biggest international hits. This song manifests the era of 80’s where the innocence was getting replaced by the desires!

  2. My heart will go on- by Celine Dion
    The song was as popular as the movie, titanic and was appreciated by the love birds all over the world. The beautiful composition touched every heart and depicts how a girl yearns for her man. The song is an epitome of platonic love which establishes the fact that even love, that doesn’t end up being together, can be deep and true. The soulful voice of the charming lady with awesome lyrics and soul touching tune marked an impression on the hearts of every person who is in love.

  3. Come away with me- by Norah Jones
    This beautiful composition by Norah Jones at ease straddles the genre of jazz and pop. The singer has kept the lyrics beautiful and simple so as to appeal to everyone and in very much successful in doing so. The spirit of the song encourages every soul in love to break free from the world and get engrossed in their own sweet heaven full of romantic feelings. As love has no language or regional barriers this song is widely popular among every love bird across the world.

  4. The first time ever I saw your face- Roberta Flack
    If you still do not have faith in the concept of “love at first sight”, this song will definitely make you think once. The creamy voice of the singer sets deep into your heart and you will feel deeply what she tries to depict through her mind blowing yet simple words. In today’s world, where we apply our minds before we apply our hearts in love matters, this song will definitely compel us to think once again! After all love is all exchanging feelings between hearts and not exchange ideas between intellectual minds!

  5. Teenage dream- by Katy Parry
    every teenager in love can relate to this song sung by the singer. This one adds an element of thrill in romance and excites every soul deeply in love. It clearly speaks about the hormonal changes that occur in your body when your heart gets filled by someone’ thoughts and you forget the world around. The lyrics are kept simple as they are meant for teenagers for whom love is sweet and very pure. Whenever anyone falls in love at this age, she never forgets to dedicate the song to her love, instantly.

  6. Fallin-by Alicia Keys
    This song was written for her debut album and is still considered to be her signature song. The song depicts a girl who is having a confused feeling about a relationship and is lamenting on that. It speaks about the roller coaster ride that the relation is undergoing but still the duo remains together. The ups and downs can never break the strong bond between two people who are determined to be together. Every relation today can relate to this feeling and get motivated to continue with the relation both at happy times and during painful conflicts.

  7. At last- by Eta James
    This old classic is still a hot favorite among the lovebirds even today. Though it was sung by many others, the most popular version was sung by Etta. The song manages to depict her passion for her man, who is her soul mate. She remains happy as long as she is with him and his smile makes her feel complete. She wants to be with the man forever and her world comes to an end without him. His smile makes her happy and his gloom makes her sad. The lyrics are so soulful and the voice is so amazing that it touches the heart of every lover till date.