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Love Songs For Her

If you are recently smitten by the sheer persona of a lady and want to woo her, dedicate a love song, as music plays an important role in touching someone’s heart.

Sometimes we are unable to speak some words we wish to say and it is at this point, a suitable song full with romantic feelings come to our rescue.

Go through the list below to choose the one you like and express your feelings towards her:

  1. In your eyes- by Peter Gabriel
    This romantic number from the 80’s is still likes by many lovers today as well. Here the singer wants to tell the world that a four letter word cannot define the depth of love he possesses for his girl. He feels strongly for the woman who means the world to him and is ready to face any consequence to win her. His love towards the lady is holy and close to the divine power. The way he has expressed the soulful words of the songs, is mind blowing and hence the song becomes an icon of pure eternal love chemistry between two hearts.

  2. Witchcraft- by Frank Sintara
    The old classic form the 50’s is the best of its kind so it is liked by everyone across the world till date. The singer has represented love in a different way here, where he calls his girl the witch, not off course in the bad sense. The reason is pretty simple, she has cast a spell on him and he is unable to come out of that. The entire feeling is so sweet that he enjoys every moment and hence expresses his condition as if he is witch crafted! People found this new concept quite interesting and hence the song had become an international hit!

  3. My first, My Last, My everything- by Barry White
    The beautiful lyrics of the song says it all. The singer considers the woman he loves as his everything. She means the world to him. She is his breath without whom he can live a minute. In his simple yet soulful lyrics he expresses how vital she is for him. This song is an anthem for the lovers who think alike.

  4. Love me tender - by Elvis Presley
    When we talk about love songs, we can’t avoid this “King of Romance”. Not only in the 50’s when this song was written and performed, the Elvis magic is eternal and women regardless of age wanted to be the object of his imagination. His loving tender voice is passionate enough to touch the core of every woman’s heart. In this songs he years for his lady and wants her to love him as deeply and as madly as he does. His expressive feelings though his lyrics becomes iconic for all love birds all across the world.

  5. Love Song- by Robert Smith
    Robert Smith wrote the song exclusively for his girlfriend who was soon going to be his wife. It was released by The Cure as a part of their album. In this song, the singer wants to say that he doesn’t have words to express her feelings to her. But that doesn’t mean that he doesn’t love her! When she is with him, he feels he is complete and remains happy! His deepest feelings are penned down in such simple words that it would appeal to every such man who finds it difficult to say those three magical words to the women they love.

  6. Your Song- by Elton John
    He was never regarded as a legend before the song! His creamy voice and wonderful mixing of words made the song an international favorite and John, an international star as well. The song manifests the eternal feeling of love between two individuals where the man says in simple language to the girl, how much he loves her. His deepest emotions are converted to beautiful tunes where he transcends the barrier of time and space and hence the song is still an ht favorite among youngsters.

  7. I’ll make love to you-by Boyz II men
    These boys are well known to pen down super romance on paper and them voice out the emotions to the world. Love and romance are their genre and they excel in that. In the song, they express the feelings of a boy who wants to preserve those magical moments he spent with his girl in a night. The purity of thought and the romance in the emotion has really made the song everyone’s favorite across the world.