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Elton John Love Songs

Elton John compositions have been a part of our lives right since his debut in the Sixties.

They still have high influence on the present generations which prove how his music has surpassed the barriers of the ravages of time. The depth and power of his music makes it difficult to narrow down just a few as favorites.

Here’s a feeble attempt to list his most prominent Love Songs.

  1. Your Song
    This number has always swayed people by stirring in them strong emotions. Written in collaboration with Bernie Taupin, this has become almost an epic. The subtle string arrangements add the background score without seeming overpowering.

  2. Can You Feel The Love Tonight
    Whether judged by lyrics or rhythm, this number just seems perfect when put within the parameters of romantic songs. The song has been further immortalized by the visuals of the Disney movie Lion King.

  3. Goodbye Yellow Brick Road
    Lyrical and light, the efficacy of this number was heightened by the soaring vocals. This Love Ballad that narrates about break-up has been influenced by Soft Rock with a little hint of country. Some critics opine that it is one of John’s best renditions.

  4. Blue Eyes
    Written in collaboration with Gary Osborne, this song was released in 1982 both as single as well as part of the album Jump Up. A perfect number when you are in the mood to wrap your arms around your partner and slow dance.

  5. Don’t Let The Sun Go Down On Me
    The song beautifully paints with words the pain that one feels when someone you have once helped now repays with rejection. The horn arrangement in the chorus, the backing vocals and the use of percussion deserved special mention.

  6. Tiny Dancer
    The song plays tribute to beautiful women. The melodious play of the piano is accented beautifully by the light play of guitar and percussion. The added drama is created by the barely audible background chorus.

  7. Something About the Way You look Tonight
    A powerful Love Ballad that portrays love and how it gets entwined with fate. The song was dedicated to Princess of Wales, Diana, who died the year the song was released.

  8. Crocodile Rock
    This is a fun song from the album "Don't Shoot Me I'm Only the Piano Player" to which any young person in love will relate to. The lyrics provoke nostalgia about first love.

  9. Please
    Part of John’s album "Made in England", this song is a beautiful rendition of love and the several emotions that come into play along with it. The fast paced tempo and the pop beat makes it a foot-tapping number.

  10. Original Sin
    Not much talked about, this song belongs to the album "Song from the West Coast". It is a beautiful number that invokes the beauty and innocence of first love – something that no one ever forgets in life.