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Christian Love Songs

If you have been to Christian weddings or to the spiritual sessions organized for offering thanks to the Lord, then you must have sure heard of Christian love songs.

They are popularly played out at weddings or during the Valentine’s Day as a dedication to sweet, loved ones. These songs are also played out at Christian prayer meetings as a reminder of the unconditional and compassionate love that God has showered upon the human beings as his blessings to his children in the form of Lord Jesus.

Songs written to the Lord with a tone of gratefulness are popularly categorized in the group of love songs written by a Christian.

For those who have not heard of the Christian love songs, should pay notice to the hymns and romantic songs dedicated to loved ones at the weddings of a Christian community. Weddings are the events where you can hear some wonderful romantic Christian numbers with beautiful lyrics and good music.

Singers and composers, who are largely involved with the recording of the gospel albums, are largely the ones behind the composition of Christian love song albums. People in the Contemporary Christian Music (CCM) Industry have been known to write and compose some very popular and beautiful Christian love songs.

  1. "If I Knew Then”
    It is one of the famous Christian modern day love songs that is played out as a love to the lord or more as a dedication to a loved one.

  2. "Bless the Broken Road” by Selah ft. Melodie Crittenden
    Lyrics of this Christian love song touches the heart and is played out even today in Christian community gatherings.

  3. “Everything About You” by Darlene Zschech
    Lyrics of these songs make it an ideal song to be played out at the auspicious occasion of a wedding and so they have become hugely famous wedding Christian love songs.

  4. “I Loved You Then” by 33miles
    If you love someone but have not mustered up enough courage to tell a person about your feelings then you should dedicate this cute Christian love song. The feelings expressed in it make it a splendid song.

  5. “Look What Love Has Done” by Jaci Velasquez
    One of the finest chritian love songs that is sure to be

  6. “1000 Miles” by Mark Schultz
    every time you hear this song, you feel a special magic inside you.

  7. “Held” by Natalie Grant
    It is a splendid love song without which no list of top 10 Chritian love songs can ever be complete.

  8. "Now and Forever" by Marx
    Those looking to play out a classic song for their loved one in a wedding then they can consider playing this Christian love song.

  9. “Waiting” by Brooke Fraser
    It is one of the heart warming songs with touching lyrics that hold the power to lend the venue a more romantic feel.

  10. “When Love Comes Home” by Matthew West
    This Christian love Song is played out in Valentines party and weddings to stir the souls of all those present and fill their hearts with love again.

  11. "Looking Through the Eyes of Love"
    It is sure going to make a beautiful impression on the person to whom you have dedicated such a beautiful love hit that is more popularly categorized in the list of top 10 Christian love songs.