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Beatles Love Songs

When it comes to romantic songs that strike a chord in your heart then there is just one name that comes up in mind- Beatles.

The famous band had a prolific career and their success can largely be attributed to the popularity of the love songs. Beatles love songs are evergreen and still the favorite of young and old.

In fact, if you try and find out the best romantic songs of all time, chances are that the list will have mostly songs that have been composed by this legendary music band. Although they enjoyed a brief career, Beatles have written every kind of imaginable love song.

Beatles were undoubtedly the best in the music industry for love songs. A large number of songs that the band wrote are centered on the emotion of love. Any stage of love or relationships you name it, you are sure to come across a Beatles love song that will go perfectly with the mood you experience or the feeling you want to express.

Only a handful of the songs that Beatles wrote was on subjects other than relationships, love and emotions. Love songs actually became a big part of the band’s successful career story.

Here is a list of the top 10 Beatles Love songs.

  1. "All My Loving"
    This sweet song shows how life can become sweet with love. Words like "And then while I'm away, I'll write home every day, and I'll send all my loving to you.”

  2. "And I Love Her"
    This songs was written by Sir Paul McCartney for his long-time girlfriend, Jane Asher. Lovers relate to this ballad and it is because of this, it became so popular.

  3. "When I'm Sixty-Four"
    A song that instill hopes in lovers for getting a love that will last forever/

  4. "PS I Love You"
    A song that is still remembered as one of the heart warming songs.

  5. "Hey Jude"
    It was a song with a message for John Lennon's son. The sound, melodious voice of the band members, music and the lyrics takes you’re your heart to a specila palce every time you listen to it.

  6. "Something"
    It was described as one of the best love songs ever written by Frank Sinatra. How can one now disagree with this legendary man?

  7. "All You Need is Love"
    Regardless of the number of times you listen to this hit track from Beatles, it creates the same magic as you felt when you heard it for the first time.

  8. "Sexy Sadie"
    It is a perfect love song that can be dedicated to a woman who can make any man fall in love head over heels with her. The song went onto become a huge hit with lyrics that show men can do anything to be close to the sexy lady they want in their lives.

  9. "If I Fell"
    This love songs by Beatles shows us that love is a universal emotion and one cannot escape falling for this sentiment for a long time. No matter whether we are all guarded up against the feeling of love or we have experienced a sad ending in love, it is an emotion that engulfs us all.

  10. "I Want to Hold Your Hand"
    Another famous love song by Beatles that showed how holding hands of your loved can help one in expressing love despite being a simple gesture.