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Top Romantic Restaurants

Looking for some quiet, lovely place where you can spend some nice, romantic hours with your sweetheart? It is only in the best romantic restaurants that you will find such a perfect setting. A right combination of music, foods, lighting and decorations is what is needed to get you in the perfect romantic mood. And where else do you find these other than nice romantic eateries?

Whether you are looking for a nice candlelight dinner or some hand-holding in a scenic spot, you will find this list quite useful.

World's Most Romantic Restaurants


  1. The Slocum House, Sacramento, California - If you are looking for a fabulous romantic eating place in a beautiful natural surrounding, The Slocum House is where you should be. This romantic dining option is located on a hillside in a beautiful setting of ancient Oak trees. It stands at a distance of nearly twenty minutes from Downtown Sacramento. It offers some of the best wines as well as a variety of seafood dishes that will keep you asking for more. You can enjoy some great American foods here with your partner.
  2. Alex, Las Vegas, Nevada - Alex is considered to be one of the finest American restaurants. This romantic eating spot offers its customers French food at a fixed price. It has been named after the famous chef Alessandro Stratta. Alex is said to be one of the best romantic restaurants. It has won multiple awards including a couple of Michelin stars.
  3. Spiaggia, Chicago - The Spiaggia is the only Italian restaurant in Chicago that has a four-star rating. This romantic eatery has a soft-lit interior that is perfect for romantic dining. It offers unique wines, seasonal foods and a fine romantic dining experience. In 2005, it received the award of "Chicago's Top Italian Restaurant" from Zagat, the reputed restaurant magazine.
  4. CIAO, Bangkok - CIAO, Bangkok is known for its mouthwatering dishes at a very affordable price. The welcoming and friendly staff will make you feel at home. This fine Italian restaurant is situated by the beautiful river Chao Phraya. The amazing riverside setting gives you the ideal spot to get into a romantic mood.
  5. A Fished Called Avalon, Miami - A Fished Called Avalon is one of the finest restaurants for a romantic dinner in Miami. It is recommended by none other than the Zagat Guide. Seafood like lobster and shrimp are the highlight of the restaurant. It offers excellent views of the sea and is apt for romantic eating-out. It is better to reserve your seats beforehand in this popular restaurant.
  6. The River Café, Brooklyn - This famous Brooklyn restaurant offers a grand view of the East River and is one of the best places for romantic dining. It ranks among the top romantic eating spots of the city where couples can get into the perfect romantic mood. The restaurant has earned much fame all over America for its food and wine.

Take your partner to one of these romantic restaurants and make her feel special.