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Love Omens : Superstitions and Myths

We all follow certain love omens in our life. Every one of us has maintained a good stock of omens for love. But, the intention remains the same. We all want to sustain a healthy relation with our beloved.


Even the most educated and liberated people cannot stop themselves from following them. We know they do not carry any scientific proof behind them. But, they help us to get an instant relief from some negative feelings that start coming in our minds.

Centuries have passed, but people still tend to follow love omens to lead a healthy life. Good or bad, they let us connect to the world known. Science does not have a definite answer to any love myth, but more or less, they satisfy or link to the curiosity of every individual.Following are the set of omens on love that you may or may not have heard before.


Top Love Omens

  1. Roses always go with Valentine's Day, whereas lilacs are considered to be a complete turn-off. They are believed to cause ill-luck to your relation. So, lilacs are complete no for Valentine's Day.
  2. Receiving two love letters on the same day from two different people is not considered good. You will marry none of the two.
  3. If your beloved is at a far distance, keep a burning candle near a window. You can expect him to return safely.
  4. On Valentine's Day, if you are alone and seeking a soulful companion, a pink candle would help you in meeting your love.
  5. It is believed that if a bride and groom shares a sight before the day of marriage they can face ill-luck in their marriage.
  6. People say that if a bride weeps on the day of her marriage, she would have a selfish husband.
  7. Proposing love in public is considered to be bad and believed to cause bad luck.
  8. On the divine occasion of marriage, a pearl or an engagement ring spread sadness.
  9. Girls avoid giving handkerchiefs to their boyfriends. Well, a handkerchief is believed to cause a break up. Even if you have bought one, do not forget to ask for the price from him.
  10. Black color is considered to be the color of grief and mourning, So, a black rose is something you should avoid giving to your boyfriend, husband, or a loved one.

They are a complete fun to observe. Well, we would not recommend to believe in them but you can always try them. Who knows, they can even give you an awesome surprise.

To conclude, love omens should be considered a subject of fun. Do not get involved deep in them. Exaggeration of everything is bad.

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