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Wuthering Heights

If you are in search of a classic novel that revolves around the varied facets of love and romance, Emily Bronte's Wuthering Heights is a must-read book. It was years after Emily's death that this novel received a huge popularity. Today, Wuthering Heights shares a great respect and pride in the literary world. People for generations have acknowledged this classic work and it will remain as a masterpiece for years to come.

Emily Bronte is regarded as one of the talented authors' world has seen so far. Out of the three sisters, Emily Bronte shared a major fame for her outstanding work in "Wuthering heights". Emily was born in a small town of Thornton, Yorkshire. She developed a habit of reading at a very early age. She received the main education from her father at home. It was the time when her father gave her books like Bible to read. Shakespeare, Virgil, Milton, Scott, and Byron formed the main inspirations for her. "Wuthering Heights" was the first novel that she wrote. Unfortunately, this novel did not do well that time. It was after her death that "Wuthering Heights" became a great hit.

Summary of Wuthering Heights

The story of Wuthering Heights revolves around a person named "Heathcliff". It is about how he spent his life since childhood. Mr. Earnshaw adopted a little boy of seven years of age. This boy was known by the name of Heathcliff. Mr. Earnshaw already had two children Hindley and Catherine. Hindley started feeling dejected by this newcomer's arrival and this gave rose to hatred in his mind. But, Catherine and Heathcliff shared a great relation.

After few years, Mr. Earnshaw died all of a sudden. Hindley marries and introduces his wife, Frances to the family. Frances started treating Heathcliff as a servant.

It is the story how he turned himself into an affluent and educated businessman and how he took revenge from the family who treated them so badly. Heathcliff and Catherine used to spend time with each other. It was after an incident that occurred in Thrushcross Grange that changed Catherine a lot. She started behaving like a lady after she returned from there after five weeks.

Next year, during childbirth, Frances lost her life and this pushed Hindley into a dark world. Catherine in the later years came very close to Edgar and soon they married. However, she really liked Heathcliff, but could never marry him because of his status. Heathcliff disappeared after this incident for six months. Later, when he returned he comes back as a rich millionaire.

It was this time when he started acting intelligent. During his stay in Wuthering Heights, he taught Hindley's son bad habits. Hindley became a victim of gambling and that led him to lose a lot. In the similar ways, Heathcliff taught a lesson to Hindley.

So, this was just a short synopsis of Wuthering Heights. Hope you liked it! Go for reading the whole text.