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The Stranger I Married

The Stranger I Married is a wonderful romantic book which is an extraordinary tale of two individuals who call themselves a couple. It is a new age story which revolves around the seductress heroine and the flamboyant hero of the novel.

If you want to read a real love story which lies far away from the fantasy world, you ought to read this amazingly gripping romantic tale of two mismatched souls.

Summary of The Stranger I Married:

This wonderful story begins with the introductions of the protagonists, Lady Isabel Pelham, a widow and a seductress and Gerard Faulkner, Marquees of the Grayson. Gerard Faulkner is a flamboyant and irresistibly attractive man who leads a carefree life. He is indulged in all forms of merry making with women on the top most lists.

He likes it this way but unfortunately for his mother's and societal pressures, he has to marry someone. Lady Isabel turns out to be that someone and marries Gerard Faulkner on a contract. Both of them marry just for the sake of it, but agree to continue with the kind of life they lead and not interfere in each others life.

Lady Isabel is known as the famous and skilled mistress. Hence, this marriage turns out to be just an agreement with no husband and wife ideologies.

But with the sudden turn of events, everything changes in the lives of Isabel and Gerard. Gerard suddenly leaves Isabel to go on an important assignment and returns only after 4 years, when Isabel has not much hope left of his return.

On returning back, Gerard is found to be a changed man by Isabel. The frivolous and boyish nature of Gerard has now vanished into a somber and more determined man, who has come looking for his wife and not a contractual life partner.

The beautiful change in the relation of these two people is a wonder of this story. The story ends with Isabel and Gerard finding each other.

About Sylvia Day:

The author of this book is renowned for her amazing presentation skills. She has an amazing ability to bring out the current day trend in love. Sylvia Day writes excellent romantic fiction for New American Library.

She has been felicitated with several awards such as Romantic Times Magazine Reviewers' choice Award Winner, Laurel Wreath Award Winner, PRISM Award and so on.

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The Stranger I Married is a wonderful story of the changes in a relationship. It depicts the present day condition of relationships like that of a married couple, where love dies out in no time. This is a beautiful book which takes both the characters into a journey within themselves and a journey to discover each other.

The protagonists are not even friends when they marry each other, but they end up becoming a husband and wife at the end of the story. This is the story of a man's quest for love in his wife and a woman finding her man in her husband. The Stranger I Married is indeed a splendid creation by Sylvia Day and is a delight to readers.