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Pride and Prejudice Novel

The Pride and Prejudice novel by Jane Austen is one of the most popular English love novels of all era. The story like all other romantic classics of Jane Austen comprises lots of passions, feelings and imaginations. Jane Austen has always been referred as one of the best female novelist of all times. She wrote just six novels and most of them happen to be some of the greatest assets in the world of literature. The Pride and Prejudice novel is most precisely a values gem of its kind among the genre of romantic novels. Austen has displayed an extensive range of greatness, limitations and aesthetical value of human life, traits, character and behavior. The novel is decked with a colorful blend of humor and serious drama and this in turn has made it a different love story, where the woman is under a blindfold of prejudice and the man is driven by pride.

The Love Story novel revolves round the life in a small village called Longbourne in South England. The story is also unique in its own way as it belongs to the 18th century, when the novels principally dealt with mystery, horrors and terrors and few stories of love were created on the basis of sorrows and tears. Pride and Prejudice stood midway such concepts. Therefore the plot of Pride and Prejudice is still referred as a style which is first of its kind in English novel and was built on a well-knit, unified structure.

The main characters of Pride and Prejudice constitute Elizabeth Bennet, the protagonist. The other Bennet sisters, Jane Bennet, Mary Bennet, Catherine (Kitty) Bennet and Lydia Bennet, their parents Mr. and Mrs. Bennet, Fitzwilliam Darc, the main male protagonist. There are still other characters around whome the plot of Pride and Prejudice revolves.

The main concern of Mrs. Bennet's life is to get her daughters married and the entire story is based on that domestic theme. The uniqueness of the theme lies in the fact that in spite of being a very trivial and common place subject the story never leads to quick action, drastic movement, excessive drama or crisis, the characters rather move with a philosopher's depth.

Jane puts men and women in a particular situation and continues studying them in detail. The characters are depicted alternatively, they are compared and thus human personality in true form is approached. There are several contemporary elements in the novel. Death is absolutely excluded in the novel and none of the characters dies in the course of the story, there is also absence of physical malady or agony in the story.

Great attention has been given by Austen on the institution of marriage and courtship. As during that time Marriage was an important social concern during that time. Therefore, in a gist, it can be said that Jane Austen has taken well care of all the characters, events, dialogue and plot with an exquisite and touch of mastery. She has combined all the elements and interwoven them to a fine texture. Thus Pride and Prejudice has been a refined work of art to be treasured at all time.