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We get to be a part of few best love plots and stories that belongs to our old time classics. One of the books that would give you an insight of love, relationship and life is Jane Austen's Persuasion. It is a must read for everyone!

Persuasion - The Book

As per the records, Persuasion by the famous authoress Jane Austen, was said to be written between the years August 1815 and 1816. The book got published by her brother, Henry Austen has been following his sister's work for quite sometime now. It was he who decided on the title of the book. Else, as per the sources it's difficult to ascertain, whether Jane Austen has named it or not.

Persuasion has an interesting and a strong plot with a 19th century theme and setting. The story highlights on several interplay of thoughts in love and relationships. It subtly deals with issues like regaining lost love and social hindrances that one has to overcome. It Jane Austen's last completed novel.

About Jane Austen

Jane Austen was one of the well known English novelists whose main forte of work included romantic fiction. Her works are mostly known for their touch of realism. They always drew a parallel to what was happening in society. The subject and plot she chose to depict almost seemed real life characters, woven in a fictional plot.

One of the main features of the stories is that, there always was a personal and social conflict of ideas that was got vividly portrayed. Most of her novels and works had strong self assertive women as their central character. Some of her famous works include Pride and Prejudice, Sense and Sensibility, Mansfield Park, Emma and many more.

Persuasion - The Story

Persuasion by Jane Austen is all about the character named Anne Elliot. It focuses on her remorse and loneliness that resulted when she decided not to marry the man whom she loved. He was the only man with whom she was briefly engaged, named Captain Frederick Wentworth.

The main plot of the story takes place in less than a decade post the proposal. This is the stage when she develops the dread of her rejected beau who surfaces back to her life. The novel throws light on several nuances where she is shown to be in a struggle between reasons on which she had rejected the man and the faint hope that their love has been preserved.

Some of the important characters of the novel are Anne Elliot, the protagonist and her lover Captain Frederick Wentworth. Apart from these two the other important names are Sir Walter Elliot, Mary Musgrove, Lady Russell, and Mrs. Smith.

Persuasion - Story Telling Style

The story is narrated mostly in third person narrative, in a language that is best classified as Victorian English. The intense dialogues show a lot of interchange of words and emotions. The style is lucid and descriptive.

Persuasion - Where to buy

If you are willing to read the book and own a copy of it, you will get it from any standard book shop in your locality. You are sure to spot it in "Classic Novel" section. Alternatively you can also download a free e-book copy of it from the websites.

Love is known to manifest itself in various forms and facets. Jane Austen's Persuasion depicts yet another unusual saga of love and relationships worth reading.