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Mills and Boon Love Novels

The ultimate love novel series that existed 100 years back and still continues, have engrossed and satisfied readers all through. The Mills and Boon celebrated its centenary in the publishing world in the year 2008. Mills and Boon is a British publisher of Romantic Novels. It was set up in 1908 by Gerald Rusgrove Mills and Charles Boon, and was autonomous until it was purchased by Harlequin Enterprises, Canada in 1971.

Every adult who is in love with Romantic Novels have read Mills and Boon Love Novels. Interestingly even men read these novels. This novels are by far the largest selling genre of adult, soft back fiction. The romantic novels are stories of passion, fantasy, love, desire, emotions and adventure. Reading Mills and Boon novel will transport you to the dream land of romance. The authors of Mills and Boon series are talented and equipped to write engrossed love novels.

Harlequin Mills and Boon have grown to become the leading publisher of romantic novels and adult romantic fiction. These novels range from tales of heirs, passionate affairs to tales of tragedy and deception. You can buy Mills and Boon books from retail shops as well as directly from the company both online and offline. You can visit their or other online sites and select Novels on Mills and Boon. It will be delivered at your doorstep.

Mills and Boon currently publishes eleven series, most of which have many titles published monthly, apart from special releases. The series titles are: modern, romance, blaze, by request, medical, historical, desire, special edition, superromance, intrigue and spotlight.

Mills and Boon novels can be gifted to your sweetheart on occasions such as birthdays, valentine's day. The novel has gained so much popularity that it has become synonym with ultimate romance. It has become household name. The common themes of Mills and Boon novels are rich, noble blooded and proud or ruthless males, deception, the desire of a character to have a baby, and the breakup and mending of a relationship.


Latest Mills and Boon Novels

There are uncountable Mills and Boon novel available online. You can buy a Mills and Boon and enjoy a perfect day with your sweetheart. Given below are few series based Mills and Boon novels:


The Sicilian Boss's Mistress

The Greek Millionaire's Secret Child 



Doorstep Daddy
Blind-Date Baby



Western Weddings
A Country Miss in Hanover Square



All Over You



How to Get Married
Maybe, Baby

By Request-

Bargaining with the Billionaire
Won by the Wealthy Greek


Special Edition-

Her Mr Right?
A Soldier's Secret