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Love's Labour's Lost

William Shakespeare has been a writer who is well known for incorporating the perfect timing for comedies in his work. One of such famous comedies is Love's Labour's Lost. It is believed that it was written in mid 1590s. It was first published in 1598. However many modern scholars believe that it is a composition between 1595 and 1596.

Shakespeare's other plays like Romeo and Juliet and a midsummer night's dream are some of the plays that are often compared with Shakespeare's Love's Labour's Lost. The sources of the play are missing like a few other plays.

Characters in Love's Labour's Lost: It is the characters that help in conveying the message of a writer that he actually wants to convey. In simple words, characters make successful stories. Here is a list of characters in Love's Labour's Lost.

  1. Ferdinand (King of Navarre)
  2. Princess of France
  3. Berowne , Longaville, and Dumaine (Lords attending on the King)
  4. Boyet and Marcade (Lords attending on the Princess of France)
  5. Rosaline, Maria, and Katharine (Ladies, attending on the Princess)
  6. Don Adriano de Armado( a fantastical Spaniard)
  7. Sir Nathaniel (a Curate)
  8. Dull (a Constable)
  9. Costard (a Clown)
  10. Moth (Page to Armado)
  11. Jaquenetta (a country Wench)
  12. Holofernes (a Schoolmaster)
  13. A Forester
  14. Officers and Others, Attendants on the King and Princess


Synopsis of Love's Labour's Lost:

Here is a brief Synopsis of Love's Labour's Lost. In Love's Labour's Lost there are three companions who are Berowne, dumaine, and longaville in the play. They take an oath that they shall study with full devotion for the next 3 years and would not pay a heed to the unnecessary distractions like women. It is berowne who brings the news about the arrival of the three beautiful princesses in the kingdom. So, the kind would be able to agree to such a strict law. The king insists that the camps of the ladies should be made outside the court. But it so happens that the king and his men fall in love with the princess and her ladies. This is from where the comical part begins.

As Shakespeare's plays have strong plots and sub plots. In this play also there are many sub plots which are comical and humorous to the core. In the final act of this comic play there is a representation of the nine worthies. A play is performed by the comical characters for the entertainment of the nobles. The play is mocked by the lords of the play.

In the end the sad news breaks in about the death of the princess's father. As a result, the princess along with the ladies has to leave because now the new queen has to take charge of the throne. The men promise to remain faithful to their ladies but the ladies insist on men to stay for a year and then it shall be seen how faithful they remain.

Romantic comedy Love's Labour's Lost:

Romantic comedy Love's Labour's Lost is a play which is known for its unusual ending and an unexpected climax. However, It is a wonderful and enjoyable play as the reader will get to know about the trivial issues of love. The small and petty issues are dealt with such an art that only a writer like Shakespeare can deal and handle. The play Shakespeare's Love's Labour's Lost explores a better side of Shakespeare as a versatile writer of comedies.