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Love Story in Harvard : Korean Novel

Love Story in Harvard is a Korean drama television series of 16 episodes it is based on the novel of the same name that has been penned by a Korean author.


The story is set in Harvard University and it deals with the life of Kim Hyun Woo and and Jung Minn. Kim Hyun and Jung Minn are first year Harvard Law School students and Lee Soo In is a Harvard Medical School student.

Kim Hyun Woo and Lee fall in love with each other but Lee Soo in joins the OEP (an organization that provides medical aids to patients of third world countries. After spending a night with Lee Soo In, leaves to join the OEP.

After spending a night with Lee Soo In, leaves to join the OEP. After completing his graduation, Kim Hyun Woo starts practicing on his own Jung Minn after studying in U.S returns back to his homeland, which is Korea. Soo also gets back to Korea to conduct some research work.

Kim Hyun Woo takes a case and discovers that Jung Minn , is the person whom Kim Hyun Woo has to fight his case with. Kim Hyun Woo convinces Soo and they spent happy times withy each other. Kim Hyun Woo goes to see off Soo at the airport and at the airport she pretends to be ill, as she wants to stay with Kim Hyun Woo.

Jason, the client of Jung Minn , tells Jung Minn that he would not hesitate to hurt anyone, who would prevent him from winning the case. Jung Minn warns Kin Hyun Woo, but Kim Hyun pays no heed to this warning, as a result a car hurts him and in this accident Kim Hyun's leg gets badly injured.


Lee Soo discovers that he has leukemia and Jung Minn comes to know about this and therefore he tells Jason that he would win the case for Jason on the condition that Jason that Jason finds a cure for Soo.Jung Minn wins the case by bribing the prime witness of Kim Hyun.

Hun Woo comes learns about Soo's illness and Soo refuses the Hyun Woo's proposal of marriage and leaves Hyun Woo once again. Soo discovers about Hyun Woo's defeat and convinces the prime witness to confess the truth , who acts accordingly.


Jung Min states that he would do anything to save Soo, and Jason after overhearing their conversation takes the help of a henchman and gets the witness killed. Kim Hyun discovers the body of the witness and becomes the prime suspect of murder.

This incident helps Soo and Kim Hyun to unite once again and they get married. The henchman gets caught during their wedding and Jason got caught at the hands of Kim Hyun .


At that night Soo falls severely ill and needs bone marrow transplantation and a donor is found who and Soo after going through the bone marrow transplantation, gets well and they forgive Jason.


This novel actually deals with the complexities that are associated with the relationship of love.