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Forbidden is the story of Annabel Hope Jayquith, who is a famous and rich daughter of the billionaire couple Hollings Jayquith and the deceased Eleanor Hope Jayquith. It revolves around the story of a rich girl, trying to fight her loneliness and struggling to deal with her problems in love life.

Forbidden is a great story of the conflicts that the protagonist faces when she gets to know that the person she loves is going to take revenge from her family for his father's death.

Summary of the story Forbidden:

Forbidden is an interesting story of a rich girl who fights with her loneliness, only to fall in love with her father's avenger. She meets Daniel, the son of a senator in a charity function. Daniel's father was killed and he believed that Hollings Jayquith was the killer.

The twists and turns of this story further takes you to several revelations like Jade' O' Keefe's entry into the family as the illegitimate daughter of the famous Theodora Jayquith. There is another character that comes in with the motive of avenging upon his brothers death. The romance of the two protagonists is threatened by the family enmity.

The story has murder mystery along with the romantic plot. It contains lots of twists and turns which make the story even more intriguing. Annabel, meanwhile also comes to know about Daniel's intention to expose her father. There's a kidnapping and a rescue which later reveals the innocence of Annabel's father.

The story further ends with a happy note.

About Caroline B. Cooney:

Caroline B. Cooney is an author who experiments with his works. She is an amazing author who produced excellent pieces in romance, suspense, mystery and horror. She has been an avid reader.

She had studied music, art, and English in her college. Caroline B. Cooney was born on May 10, 1947 in Geneva. She is a writer of many teenage as well as adult books. Her writings involve the reader and their imagination. Many of her works contain excerpts from her own life. Her books are liked by the teenagers as these have the ability to touch them and their lives in many ways.

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Forbidden is one of the excellent works of Caroline B. Cooney. She takes you to a journey of love and its problems. The book also brings out the loneliness of a rich girl, who has everything to please her, yet suffers from sadness. She gets the man of her life finally only to discover about the vengeance attached to him.

The book brings out several mysterious pasts of the characters. It revels many other plots which opens one by one only to the delight of the reader. Caroline Cooney gives you a nail biting experience in the story with so many stories unfolding slowly and steadily. Indeed a great book to catch up with in your free time, Forbidden is available in most of the book stores.