If you want to be really confused and then pleasantly surprised, Emma is the book for you. Emma is a romantic comedy in some way which has all kinds of emotional expressions attached to it. Emma is a sweet romantic book with loads of twists & turns in it.

This romantic book is a creation by one of the most famous authors in the world, Jane Austen. It is the story of a rich girl called Emma who is not at all a spoilt brat, but instead a helpful girl.

Summary of the Story Emma:

Emma is the tale of a girl who lives with her father in their huge estate. She is the darling daughter of her rich father. A governess takes care of her and is her best friend too, as Emma has lost her mother at a young age. But with the governess getting married, Emma is left alone. Being the only daughter, her father always worries about Emma and wants her to get married which she refuses to do.

Emma is a sweet and fun loving girl and quite fond of her friend Harriet Smith. One day Emma feels that Mr. Elton, a copious and handsome guest at her place is in love with her friend Harriet. She tells her friend about it and motivates her too.

Harriet ends up falling in love with Mr. Elton, only to discover later that he was interested in Emma and not Harriet. Knowing this, Harriet falls ill and Emma is guilty as she had initiated the idea of Mr. Elton loving Harriet.

Mr. Elton leaves for Bath, an estate and returns married to a rich and snobbish lady called Augusta Hawkins. Emma does not like Augusta and the same feeling is shared by Mrs. Elton, knowing that Emma had made Harriet fall for Mr. Elton. This is followed by few more confusions with Emma misunderstanding her friend Harriet's second choice.

With a whole gamut of imagined situations and confusions, the book Emma is a total joy to the readers. It has romance, emotion, and action, thrill and so on. Emma is a story of a girl who is more dedicated to give joys to others, than her own self without knowing what they feel. She acts as a matchmaker to her friend and feels sad when her plan does not succeed.

A complete delight to read, Emma is an amazing book to read.

About Jane Austen:

Jane Austen was an amazing English novelist. She was born on 16 December 1775 and died on 18th July 1817. Her exquisite writings have acquired fame and honor from all over the world. Jane Austen was brought up in a close knit family where her father and brothers took care of her studies. She experimented with her literary works with its various forms.

Austen's creations mainly focus on the crude realities which are attached to the lives of women. Her works have a comic presence though they highlight the sorrows and conflicts of life too. Women are mainly in focus as protagonists in her books. She has the art of telling stories which may take place around you everyday, and yet make it appear special in all ways.

Other celebrated works of Jane Austen:

Jane Austen has produced several splendid books on various themes. Some of the best works of Jane Austen also include:

  1. Pride and Prejudice
  2. Northanger Abbey
  3. Mansfield Park
  4. Persuasion
  5. Sense and Sensibility

Emma is indeed one of the best works of Jane Austen. It has a comic presence with several conflicting factors, adding to the flavor of the story. Emma is a women centric book but attracts everyone with its amazing storyline.

Emma is the book to read when you are searching for some romance along with a lot of silly laughter. It brings out the feelings of every character in a very light hearted manner and also gives the idea of moving on with life. Emma is indeed a lovely book and a must read for everyone.