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Crockett's Seduction

With the passage of time, love stories have acquired a different dimension altogether. The way we've had the traditional romantic stories, we've also had some contemporary romance fiction. There were stories in the past, where the plot focused on a simple love story between man and women, amidst other social conflicts. Today, some of the finest romantic bestsellers are the ones with unconventional plots. The romance too has taken an unconventional path. The stories today are about complicated love affairs and relationships. However, they show us various aspects of love and human thinking. One of the books that best suits this type is Crockett's Seduction by Tina Leonard.

Crockett's Seduction - The Book

Crockett's Seduction by Tina Leonard is a paperback book that was published in the year 2005. The book is about a man who was attracted to a woman, whom he can never have in his life. The book, post its release attracted various feedbacks about the plot. People were also curious to know more about the story and its subject matter.

Crockett's Seduction - The Storyline

The story is has Malfunction Junction as the background, where the protagonist is Crockett Jefferson. He is madly attracted to a woman named Valentine. Even though he was smitten by him, he decided never to pursue his romantic fantasy in this regard. This is due to the fact that she was his brother's wife, and he was the uncle of her daughter, Annette. Crockett loves his niece very much, and he did not want to disturb any relation because of his liking for Valentine.

The interesting part of the story is that, even Valentine feels the same way for him. She too is afraid of causing any disturbance to the family ties owing to her fondness for him. The language and the style of narration give the story a certain "soap opera feel" about it.

The story has interesting twists and turns, with these two individuals who stare at each other, unable to express their love. They both try and hide their emotions for each other to their best capacity, owing to some critical family issues.

Crockett's Seduction - The Writer

Tina Leonard is one of the eminent modern day authors and has about 30 books under her name. Most of them are bestsellers. She is gifted with creativity and imagination to weave out such unconventional love themes. With her skill and expertise in words, she is able to give such a detailed and real life treatment to her stories.

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Crockett's Seduction- Where to Buy

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Crockett's Seduction by Tina Leonard, puts forward an exotic saga that has its own beauty, charm, and complications as well.