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Ash and Misty Romance Novels

The name Ash Ketchum emerged by default as 'Ketchum' is the punning of the term "Gotta catch 'em all". The character of Ash reflects a typical Shonen champion, who is courageous, understanding, and clever.


At times specifically with his interests, he is highly involved and at times is clueless, arrogant and head strong. In most of the Ash and Misty anime movies, Ash is seen getting attacked and trying to rescue the various other associated characters in the movies.


In one of the movies in order to save Moltres and Zapdos, Ash runs into an electrical cage and in all the other movies he is seen doing such similar stunts. Ash, after battling several Elite Four members, aspires to be the most powerful Pokemon Master someday.

Ash and Misty's association with each other began as friends when Ash borrowed her cycle to escape from one of his enemies and in the wild goose chase her cycle got destroyed.


A highly angered Misty started following him everywhere, and during the Whirl Cup Tournament she defeated him and they became friends in their encounters.

Later they parted with a promise to meet again and they are seen together in the episodes of "The Princess and the Togepi" and "The Scheme Team". Misty's name is derived from the English term mist which in Japanese indicates Kasumi and it means hazy.

Misty is known to have been a gym leader and as she starts out on her sojourn with Ash. She leaves the responsibility of the gym to her elder sisters. Misty is known for her short temperament, her bad judgment, her rotten attitude and stubbornness which add to her impatient nature.


She aspires to be the best Water-type Pokemon trainer. As mentioned earlier, she follows Ash every where in order to retrieve her destroyed bicycle from him but she finally admits that following him for her bicycle is one way of getting close to him and being friends with him.

The young innocent romance and adventure between Ash and Misty attracts teenagers as this romance novel offers a hue of innocent romance and adventure. These romance novels don't belong to the genre of classics but are highly popular among the teenagers.