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African American Romance Novels

When it comes to reading of romantic fiction, you surely can’t miss the most popular African American Romance novels. For all the book lovers, here is the detail of the emergence of Black love stories. You can get the complete backdrop and can check out the most famous novels of the same genre.

History – Black Love Stories

After the Second World War in the year 1949, the Harlequin Romance emerged. This was the era when the period of fictional romance started. In the following years, the genre of Harlequin romance was more confined to the white America and not to Afro American writings.

Although, black women were more interested in reading the mainstream fiction romance; soon the African America fiction gained popularity. The black writers were more determined and continued with their beautiful romantic creations. They covered the topics like relationships, teenage love and intimacy between man and woman.

In the year 1960s, Frank Yerby released his contributions in this genre. The three famous African American romance novels are –

  1. Speak Now – A Modern Novel (1969)
  2. The Dahomean – An Historical Novel (1971) the sequels of this novel.
  3. A Darkness in Ingraham’s Crest (1979)

Later on, McFadden and Sterling who were published a whole bundle of ‘True Confessions’ magazine that targeted the black readers. Bronze Thrills, Black Romance & jive were some of the notable contributions to the short love stories. These were by the very popular novelists of that era – Donna Hill, Francis Ray, Laure Bussey and Sinclair LeBeau.

Notable contributions by African American authors

Elsie B Washington, one of the very popular writers of 1980s published Entwined Destinies in the pseudonym name – Rosalind Welles. This was believed to be the foremost novel of African American romance. It is believed that the novel was written for black people and was published under the Dell Candlelight imprint under the editorship of Vivian Stephens.

Vivian was the first African American editor to release a romantic fiction and many other novels. The New York Times has acknowledged his remarkable contributions and raised his names among the Best Seller’s List.

Later, in the year 1985, Harlequin published the first romantic book for African American fiction novels collection which was also written by an Africa. This brought the new genre of Afro American romance novels.

Famous African American Fiction Romantic Novels

  1. After the Vows edited by Donna Hill
  2. After Dark by Donna Hill
  3. Fire and Desire by Brenda Jackson
  4. All I'll Ever Need by Mildred Riley
  5. Any Rich Man Will Do by Francis Ray
  6. Controversy by Adrianne Byrd
  7. Beyond Temptation by Brenda Jackson
  8. Forget Me Not by Adrianne Byrd
  9. The Dopeman’s Wife – JaQuavis Coleman
  10. Tempted by Trouble – Eric Jerome Dickey
  11. Unzipped – Noire (An Urban Erotic Tale)
  12. Messages from Mistress – Niobia Bryant
  13. Relapse – Nikki Turner
  14. Big Girls Do Cry – Carl Weber

Hope you love reading the best seller African American romance novels. You can also exchange or share it as, gift with your loved ones. Get your favorite author’s new novel copy now!