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The romance novel is by far the most popular genre in modern literature, which is a fact that nobody can deny. Nowadays there are rows and rows of them on the sheTop Ten Romantic Bookslves of every bookstore, but contrary to what some might think, this is nothing new. Romance novels have been beloved since at least the nineteenth century, and the older examples in our list, which includes both young and old, are a testament to the timelessness of this exciting genre.

1. Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen

Probably the most famous romantic book ever written, Jane Austen’s classic tells the story of Elizabeth Bennet and her difficult relationship with the aloof and intelligent Mr. Darcy. Despite the feelings that they have for one another, both of them must overcome certain aspects of their own personalities before they can truly be together.

2. Anna Karenina by Leo Tolstoy

Anna Karenina is not only a story of love and passion, but belongs on lists of the greatest novels of any genre. The title character is a woman whose romantic feelings for her lover are undercut by societal pressures and her own insecurities, and the book is a long account of the emotional turmoil that she endures.

3. Jane Eyre by Charlotte Brontë

A female protagonist that women from all walks of life have found profoundly moving for over a century, Jane Eyre is a heroine that must ultimately choose between her desire to be with the man she loves and the morals that form the core of her character. Readers can hardly put down this book, as the dramatic story found within is enchanting from the first page.

4. Outlander by Diana Gabaldon

This influential romance novel is one of the primary examples of several plot devices that are now considered staples of the genre: a modern heroine gets thrown back in time to nineteenth-century Scotland, falls in love with a rugged highlander, and the two of them must endure trial after trial in order to stay together. Outlander is the first in a series that has been extremely well-received by fans.

5. Love Story by Erich Segal

The title of this 1970 novel says it all. Now considered a classic, it details the timeless story of a young couple in love, who marry against the wishes of their families. Together, they must endure struggle, hardship, and tragedy. A movie adaptation, written by the same author, came out shortly after the book itself.

6. The Notebook by Nicholas Sparks

A bestseller that launched the career of the now much-celebrated Nicholas Sparks, The Notebook is based on the true story of his wife’s grandparents. A nostalgic tale that takes place mostly during the years of World War II, it sends the message that true love never fades and always takes as much time as it needs.

7. PS, I Love You by Cecelia Ahern

This story takes a unique approach to romance by having it take place through the eyes of an Irish woman who is mourning her dead lover. Through a series of letters he wrote while still alive, he guides her through her feelings and helps her to move forward and to reinvent her life.

8. The Moon-Spinners by Mary Stewart

An exotic adventure set in Greece, The Moon-Spinners blends the elements of romance and suspense to create a gripping story. Mary Stewart is famous for making readers feel as though they themselves are traveling to the locations she describes. Walt Disney himself was a fan of the book, and made it into a live-action movie in 1964.

9. Twilight by Stephenie Meyer

Twilight is a controversial book, with a legion of adoring fans worshipping its author even as critics snub the series. The story of Bella Swan and her enigmatic vampire lover, Edward Cullen, has grown even more popular since a series of successful movie adaptations. Love it or hate it, Twilight has certainly had a profound influence on modern popular culture.

10. Naked in Death by J. D. Robb

Not only a love story, but also a science-fiction murder mystery, this book is the first in a series of novels credited to J. D. Robb, a pen name of well-known romance author Nora Roberts. The heroine is a police investigator in the 2050s, trying to get to the bottom of a murder while clues keep pointing to the man she’s falling in love with.


Top 10 Recent Romantic Novels

Nothing sounds more exotic than to sit back and unwind with a romantic novel whilst experiencing the feeling of love and passion in veins. Although it began as a 'romantic uprising' in the long gone era of the 18th Century, romantic literature has still not lost its glory. Be it classic or contemporary, the romantic novels with the innate luster, with its subtlety and yes, with its celebration of the feeling of love and passion are the ideal writings to take you to the land of ceaseless romance.

Lose yourself in the land of eternity, love, passion and warmth. Rekindle your emotion with the top 10 recent romantic novels and experience the feeling of celebrating the very concept of being in love.

Echoes: This is one of the top 10 contemporary romantic novels where Danielle Steel portrays the saga of love and war, faith and betrayal. Set against the dramatic milieu of history, Danielle Steel tells the story of three generations of women whilst entwining them with a resolute devotion which "echoes across time"...

Danielle Steel is a story teller and with her refined style and elegant approach she exhales life into history whilst making 'Echoes' as one of her moving account of an complex drapery of mother's affection, daughter's guts and that steady faith that actually sustained them even in the cloudy and clumsy weather.

Good In Bed: Jennifer Weiner tells the story of a young woman - Cannie Shapiro. Like a master story teller Jennifer Weiner portrays the very feeling of falling in love, celebrating that and finally running for that wrong man whilst being oblivion about that right person. The typical attribute of "Boy meets girl" storyline is offered a realistic twist in Good in Bed and is definitely one of the top 10 contemporary novels of sheer romance.

Blue smoke :  A creation of Nora Roberts Blue smoke is reckoned as one of the best sellers in the genre of romantic suspense. It is the saga of love, suspense, thrill and passion. The appealing Reena Hale being a very successful police investigator is unsuccessful in her love life. Mystery, revenge and an interest to find love is the central plot of the novel. You have to read this book to understand the other side of romance. 

Fire In The Ice: Katlyn Stewart weaves the magic of love, passion and obsession in an eloquent way. This is a passionate love story of an enchanting love. Set in the backdrop of today's America, Fire in Ice is designed for today's readers.

At First Sight: A sensual creation of Nicholas Sparks, it is the story of an extrasensory grandmother, an intrusive mayor and of jealous friends. Anger, jealousy, passion, fear and the fear of loss laces this novel whilst masking it one of the best sellers of the recent era.

The other side of Midnight: The elegant story teller Sidney Sheldon weaves the saga of love, betrayal, passion and treachery in the most articulate way. It is the story of dejection, the chronicle of revenge. Falling in love, betrayed in love and finally the idea of taking revenge makes 'the other side of midnight' a true reflection of the contemporary society.

Heartbeat: A heart touching story by Danielle Steel is the saga of falling in love. It is the stunning story of two wonderful people and their falling in love. The collision of Thigpen and Townshed at the supermarket matured into a wonderful romance. The broken marriage, the need of a family life and finally the need of the baby in life are all depicted in quite a matured way.

Leather & Lace: Karen Wiesner weaves a romantic plot in the most lucid way. It is the story of a rogue finding his love. It is the saga of falling in love and proclaiming love. It is the chronicle of the metamorphosis of the shy next door girl when she proves that the design of the "leather & lace" can actually be customized.

With No Reservation: This is a passionate love story by Joan Bramsch. The story deals with the sizzling affair of Ann Waverly and Jeffrey Madison. Love, passions are ideally braided in this novel. It is the chronicle of stealing heart and keeping it safe.

Everlasting: A striking and sensual contemporary novel by Kimberley Roberts. The novel with its positive attributes of love will surely make you believe in the idea of finding your dream man ideally like the central character - Merilyn in the novel. Warm and sensual passionate love affair is ideally depicted by the author whilst placing love even larger than life.


Top Romantic Novels


Gone with the Wind - Margaret Mitchell
Set in the 19th century, Gone with the Wind is a story of a wealthy girl Scarlett O’Hara, who during the American Civil War finds her wealth diminishing. Her problem is really on how to get what she wants, even if the money now cannot afford it. The book is also a love story between Scarlett, Rhett and Ashley. But more than love itself, it is about Scarlett’s desire both material and emotional. Be it for a man, and how once she has him; her heart is looking for someone else. An interesting read the book also speaks to socio-political environment of those times, describing slaves in America as happy people.


A Walk to Remember by Nicholas Sparks
This is about two teenagers whose love goes beyond infatuation. A Walk to Remember, which also has a movie to its credit in the same name, is the love story of two young people, who come from different and even contrasting backgrounds. When Landon Carter is teamed up with Baptist minister’s daughter Jamie Sullivan for homecoming dance, little did he imagine this was the beginning of his love story. Landon is a regular teenager moving out with friends, even having dated a few girls; quite unlike Jamie who carried the Bible with her to school. But magic happens when sparks fly…


It Had to Be You by Susan Elizabeth Phillips
We all love boy-meets-girl; they fight then fall in love, truly deeply and madly. ‘It had to be you’ is one such book, where opposites meet, passions run high and makes for a good enjoyable read.  The main character Phoebe Somerville- a modern, cosmopolitan, sexy girl; inherits Chicago Stars football team. Phoebe, who has had no interest in football, until now, knocks heads with the coach Dan Celebow. A task master and much unlike Phoebe; these are two characters who really hate each other… Or is it their passion which runs high… Read on to find out.


The Duchess by Jude Deveraux
Ok so it begins with a cliché wherein a rich girl stands to loose all her millions if she does not marry a ‘suitable boy’. And the right man she gets engaged to, tall, gigantic, manly and very rich - Harry Montgomery. As the 11th Duke of MacArran, all seemed well for Claire Willoughby now confirmed to be a future duchess. And before her marriage Claire sets off to a holiday to Scotland; only to meet and fall hopelessly in love for Trevelyan. Much unlike Harry, Trevelyan is agnostic, even arrogant but Claire finds herself falling for him… Will this be her happily ever after?


Flowers from the Storm by Laura Kinsale
They say love transcends all, and Flowers from the Storm is one such book. Written beautifully, this book is about the transformation of a man from the abhorred, reckless womanizer to a charming, gentle and sensitive person. So we have the main character - Duke of Jervaulx as an extravagant man who plays his money and charm well on girls. But the passion he feels is only temporary. But there is a quite, even shy lady Maddy Timms who find his attractive, even fascinating. And so when the Duke falls ill; begins their love story... of unconditional devotion by Maddy who restores this person into a wonderful gentleman.  Brilliantly work, this is a touching love story.


Perfect by Judith McNaught
Just as he was reaching in terms with his wife’s betrayal, film director Zachary Benedict is convicted to prison for her death.  In a need to prove his innocence, Benedict escapes from prison, taking with him as hostage Julie Mathison. Feisty and spirited, Julie who till now believed she was leading the perfect life, is enraged at this odd kidnapper who is terrifying in one moment and yet sweet another time. The two hiding at a faraway mountain soon develop a fondness for each other. Is this love, despair and companionship driven by loneliness or is there more to it? Will this be the beginning of true love? Read on an enthralling love story…


Romeo and Juliet by William Shakespeare
The tragedy of Romeo and Juliet is known to the world. Yet there is something in this book, which makes your heart ache, reach out to the two young lovers, when all they ever wanted was to be with each other. Written in beautiful language by William Shakespeare the book is as much a delight to read, as is the prose which is very engaging. Read on, for a full narration, and to understand the depths of love that was shared between Romeo and Juliet. In the end it will make you cry; even a wee bit jealous for the love they shared was so pure…


Every Breath You Take by Judith McNaught
Saucy, sexy and full of suspense. That is what Judith delivers, and this book has loads of it. Set in modern Chicago, the book begins with the missing grandson William Wyatt of billionaire philanthropist Cecil Wyatt’s. And as foul play is suspected, the police and media zero in on Cecil’s own half brother Mitchell Wyatt. What then unravels a mystery of suspects, suspicion and double crossing! Trapped in all this is Kate Donovan, whose chance romantic encounter with Mitchell Wyatt makes her a prime co-accused. Will Kate ever be able to restore her image, at this time when people and the media alike have made their conclusions? Read on to find out…


No Mercy By Sherrilyn Kenyon
What happens when all that you know is at stake? And to save it you must break the very rules that you have been guarding - like a badge of honour? Living by the Amazon credo, Samia died by the rules that if you have to die, kill as many enemies before you go… But now in contemporary New Orleans comes an evil, dark and huge; much larger than they ever imagined or have ever encountered.  Shapeshifter Dev Peltier who stood guard for many ages has never seen this before. Will he and Sam, be able to protect Amazon and largely mankind? More importantly will they do so at the stake of giving up all that they believed in???


The Sherbrooke Bride by Catherine Coulter
In order to sere an heir, rich and handsome Douglas Sherbrooke, the Earl of Northcliffe agrees to marry. He chooses for his bride daughter of the Duke of Beresford Melissande. But unknown to him is that Melissande’s sister, Alexandra Chambers has been in love with Douglas since she was just a teenager. Now besieged in an unhappy marriage and aware that Alexandra loves him, Douglas find himself in a mess. Then comes the mysterious Virgin Bride, a ghost who appears to Douglas in his bedroom. Does she help him find a way out? Or is this Douglas’s imagination…


Love story By Jennifer Echols
Spirited and ambitious, Erin Blackwell refuses to major in business and take over her family farm in Kentucky. She instead wants to major in creative writing. Angry and feeling betrayed, Erin’s grandmother gives the family inheritance to the stable boy, Hunter Allen. Now Erin working at a coffee shop to make ends meet; infuses her anger into a creative story on Hunter. All goes well until one fine day when Hunter also joins Erin’s class. Understanding that Erin’s writings, her desire s are for him, Hunter too begins to write - privately acknowledging her fantasies. Will this then turn into a reality? Or does it just stay in classroom assignments? Read on to find out…


Love in the Time of Cholera by Gabriel Garcia Marquez
Love birds Florentino and Fermina are passionate, never to live without each other. But Fermina marries a rich doctor; for the sake of a secure future. Shattered and unable to fathom his loss, Florentino works very hard; the only way he can keep his mind off Fermina. Soon rich and wealthy, Florentino too has many-a- affairs, but in his heart he still loves Fermina. After fifty years and nine months, Florentino gets another chance to win his love back – at Fermina’s husband’s funeral. Will he be able to win her again? Love in the Time of Cholera is an enchanting love story, about the struggles and emotional surges that true love always faces.


Message in a Bottle by Nicholas Sparks
Shattered and wary of love or trusting anybody, Theresa Osborne – a single mom and newspaper columnist is intrigued by a letter she finds in a bottle. This, while vacationing on a beach holiday. Inside is a loving message of love and hope, written by a man Garret to his lover Catherine. Drawn by this unconditional love; Theresa decides to seek garret and Catherine or at least find their love story. Simple to read, Message in a Bottle is an easy story - interesting tale and the best part - a surprising climax. Read on for an enjoyable time.


Wuthering Heights by Emily Bronte
Perhaps one the best books written ever; Wuthering Heights is about mad, crazy love set in the moody moors of Yorkshire. It is the only book to be published by Emily Bronte, but engages the reader in a playful love story between Catherine and Healthcliff; both madly in love yet doomed to spend their lives apart. Read on to see how normal circumstances make things difficult for these two people – who are meant to be only with each other; but never end up doing so. Ironically it is death that unifies them, when their bodies are buried next to each other.



A Farewell to Arms by Ernest Hemingway
Set in war-torn Italy, this book is a compelling love story between American Tenente and English born Catherine. The story described lovingly by Hemingway, is a contrast to the lucid and often fearful description of the ravaging war. Hemingway himself has gone to war in 1918, and from it has emerged this beautiful and sorrowful description of love that is difficult to transcend when the world around you is torn apart. A farewell to Arms is an unforgettable novel that makes you wonder why countries go to war, while at the same time your heart aches for the two protagonists who are unable to live without each other.


The Fountainhead by Ayn Rand
The Fountain Head written in 1943 is about an architect whose styles were modern, way beyond what was then acceptable. The main character Howard Roark is an upright, bright architect whose obscure plans are rejected. Yet Howard refuses to give up. The book describes this struggle and the complex human relationships, through varied relationships between Howard and other individuals. This book, often referred to be way ahead of its time, was initially rejected by as many as 12 publishers. Soon the book became a best seller and is still sold across the world. It has been made famous more so by word of mouth.


Written on the Body by Jeanette Winterson
Sexy, seductive and engrossing are the three words that can aptly describe this book. Yet, it would be incomplete, even unfair to say just this. Written on the Body, is an engaging love story between the narrator of the story, and his much married lover. A full blown love affair, the written beautifully keeps the reader glued, and yet keeps him an outsider tot eh entire story… just like the way secret affair are kept. One is never sure of the narrator’s gender, but the story with its compelling lines is beautiful, poetic and an emotional journey all put together as one.



The English Patient by Michael Ondaatje
‘The English Patient’, is a journey of life looked at from the past. Beautifully written, the book revolves around an Italian Villa where four people, injured during the World War II, come together. It is about their struggles; accepting their life as it is now; and how the war changed it. So we have a young nurse, a dying patient, a thief and an Indian bomb expert who works for the British Army. As life unfolds these four unlikely people slowly start to reveal their secret to each other. Read this to understand the complexities of human relations and how the situation around us can alter our personality.


My Antonia by Willa Cather
What is considered to be a pictorial treat, My Antonia is an enjoyable read. Set in the country side of America, the book revolves around the life of its main character Jim Burden. It is a narration by Jim himself, of his life from the age of 10 when he moves to live with his grandparents; after loosing his own parents. While the story focuses on the life of an immigrant, it is beautifully written charter representation of Jim’s life through the ages, from a small child to adolescence and finally as an adult. The story also describes his relation with Antonia – which is central to the plot.


Persuasion by Jane Austen
Persuasion is about relations; love gone sour and how the flames still burn strong when you meet your lover. Based on its central character Anne Eliot, who gives up on her love and engagement after her family refuses to accept the financially weak Frederick Wentworth as a suitor; the book describes Anne’s pain, her loneliness and her unwillingness to forget this past. Read it to know what happens, when fate takes a turn, and Anne’s family faces a financial crisis while a rejected Frederick rises in status and income. Will he now be accepted, and more so will he now accept her back? 


Like Water for Chocolate by Laura Esquivel
Set in Mexico, Like Water for Chocolate is an interesting and refreshing read on family life, and modern values. A time period set during the beginning of the new century, the book relates to changing human values. The story revolves around an all-female De Le Gara family, the main character Tita, is prevented from marrying in order to look after her ailing mother. She falls in love with Pedro. A disgruntled Pedro unable to forget her agrees to marry her sister, if only to be near Tita. The book speaks about forbidden love, and tragedies of emotions. Read on to see how the family learns to cope with it and still stay together.


The Thorn Birds by Colleen McCullough
We have heard of families starting from humble roots and their journey into a great life ahead. The Thorn Bird, is an illustration of this life. Symbolically relating to a bird, that struggles to cope with life after being torn by a thorn; this book revolves around the Clearly Family who move from being shearers in New Zeeland to owning one of the largest sheep farms in Australia. While the story covers three generations of the family, it also dwells equally into the life of each character especially Maggie and their relations with the family. An interesting read, where sometimes love and money makes conflicting facets.    


Antony and Cleopatra By William Shakespeare
The Roman world is rules by three men; and soon the fight to rule entire Rome falls between Mark Anthony and Octavius Caesar. Anthony who prefers to spend his time with the lovely Cleopatra becomes a reason for war between the two. Soon even before war begins we see a fall in grace, of self respect in Anthony’s eyes, - both for himself and also for Cleopatra. The story or rather the play as it if often referred to, is the best way to start reading and understanding Shakespearian language. Read it for the mystery, the drama, love and action or purely to enjoy the language. This book is an absolute delight.


The Heat of the day by Elizabeth Bowen
There is a mystery and charm of war, which is hard to forget. Brilliantly written, The Heat of the Day, as the name aptly suggests is a tense drama that unfolds in the backdrop of World War II. London is deserted, barring a few who have chosen to live on. Stella Rodney is one such person; but life takes a turn when she finds that her lover Robert is caught for giving important news to enemies. Caught in this turmoil, this book unfolds the emotional journey of Stella who unsure of trust, now discovers how difficult it is to truly believe those around you.


Look at me by Anita Brookner
In Look at me, the protagonist Frances Hinton is an ambitious person, who by day works and at night writes fiction in her quaint little flat. But life changes a lot when Hinton is acquainted into the social life by Nick and his family. From here on the book is a journey of relationships between Fanny and Nick’s wife Alix, who uses Fanny to her fancy; without much care for its consequences. Read this for a beautiful narration of a single girl’s journey from loneliness, to her desire for true love, trust and faith.


Oscar and Lucinda By Peter Carey
What happens when two contrasting individuals meet and fall in love? Love develops through a series of ups and downs and weird desire. When feminist Lucinda sells her ancestral property to buy a glass factory, she fails miserably. Her hope to revive women empowerment through this method, come crumbling down. Life however gives her hope when she meets Oscar Hopkins; a bid fanatical and not confirming to rationale thoughts. What happens when two such diverse characters end up together? Their love is different, and Peter Carey traces this love very beautifully in his book. Read on, for a love story that it interesting even crazy at times.


A lost lady By Willa Cather
Known for to spin her words beautifully, Willa Cather’s A Lost Lady is a linguist delight. It not a big book, only 100-odd pages; but a classic it is, seeped into history with a rather brusque portrayal of materialistic world of the Great Plains. The book is centered around main characters Marian Forrester and Neil Herbert, for whom Marian feels a deep unconditional love. Read this book for a subtle representation of this love through grace, humility and unconditional devotion. It truly is one of the best representation of love and other emotions we feel with it.


The Parasites by Daphne du Maurier
What happens when you are forced to face things, truths about yourself which you have been ignoring? ‘The Parasites’ is about this situation. Its main characters – Ceila a wonderful artist, Maria a talented actress and Nick know for his brilliance with music have all been living life at their own will. Until one day, when events force them to take their talents seriously. It is a revisiting of the gift they poses, and how none of them have ever acknowledged it. Will they be able to face this? Written brilliantly, the Parasites is a beautiful read more for the interesting character it represents and the sordid tales it tells.


Rebecca By Daphne du Maurier
Rebecca is an engrossing read for those who love mystery. Without any known family or any means of earning an income, a young, shy lady agrees to work as a companion for a rich elderly woman. But then she meets the wealthy and handsome widower Maxim de Winter. They marry after courting for a little more than a month; but the story twist when Rebecca enters her husband’s mansion. Read on to see how she faces the alterations between her and the former wife of her husband. A sinter servant, an exciting plot and lots of mystery to unravel; Rebecca is an exciting read…to the finish!


The Lover by Marguerite Duras
Love, erotic and even appalling; Marguerita Duras’s The Lover is a book which will linger on your mind, long after you have finished reading it. Set in the colonial era, this is a torrid love affair between a young French Girl and her Chinese lover. Filled with lovely prose and poetry, the Lover is haunting as it raises passion not just physical but also at an emotional level. Not many books have the ability to keep the reader aroused and emotionally involved…. The Lover does it both. Read on for an unforgettable journey and you will feel emotionally drained, even drawn into the lust, love and passion the two main characters feel for each other


Adam Bede By George Eliot
Probably the first ‘love triangle’ to be written so eloquently, the book revolves around Carpenter Adam Bede and his love for Hetty Sorrel. Unfortunately and unknown to him, Hetty is also sought by another person Arthur Donnithrone. Soon Adam sees Hetty seduced by Arthur’s charms. A tale of love, tragedy and drama, this book shows the tragic consequences when relationships go sour. In the end the ones affected by the secret love-affair between Hetty and Arthur is not just these two; but also Adam who is hopelessly in love with Hetty. Read for an interesting plot filled with jealously, deception, drama and tragedy.  


The Mill on the floss by George Eliot
A story of high drama and action, The Mill on the Floss is a story depicting family life in the 19th century. Centralized around the two lead characters brother-sister Tom and Maggie. It details their life as they grow up on the fictional river called floss. The story spans the life of these two characters until their death by a river flood. It is an emotional family saga that depicts varied relations, and how two people change as they grow up. The ending when the characters die is extremely depressing. But the emotions raised by the book tend to stay on… 


There are many ways to get or express this feeling . Receiving love is the best blessing in life. One way to experience unadulterated love is by reading Love Novels. Love Novels are food for your heart. Love Novels can take you to the dream land along with your sweetheart.