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Sweet Love Notes

Every time you celebrate your romantic relationship or express your love for your partner, make sure you do it in a special way. Sweet romantic notes are a great way to surprise your partner with your confessions of love where he/she has never expected to find it. It not only sends across your message of love but also spices it up a great deal. Sweet romantic notes are perfect for couples who love to express their love for each other in different ways. These notes can be placed anywhere…put in the wallet, under the pillow, you can stick it on the fridge or cupboard for your partner to find it or just email it to him/her. This will not only bring an instant smile on your beloved's face but also make it a great day for him/her.

The sweet romantic notes for him can be the best everyday gift for him. Try writing one romantic message for him everyday and put it in different places for him to discover. This will make the relationship exciting for your boyfriend or husband. Romantic notes for her are the best way to make her fall in love with you everyday. Women are usually emotional and when she realizes the depth of your love everyday, your relationship will naturally become stronger. Let's have a look at some popular Sweet Romantic Notes which can help you send across the message of love in a proper way.


Sweet Romantic Love Notes


  1. Please be my love and world will be a better place to live.
  2. If love is blind, you must be a dream
  3. You and I are like the sky and the moon, incomplete without each other.
  4. Let me fly high…say yes!
  5. I have a dream and you comprise the major part of it.
  6. I didn't believe in reality until I dreamt of you.
  7. Let me be…I'm trying to mend my heart.
  8. Shut your eyes, I want my reflection to be there always.
  9. I have lost my way in your heart…can you direct me to your mind?
  10. You skin so soft, your eyes so blue, I love you, please love me too.
  11. Did I see an angel or you just passed by.
  12. Let me heart melt on your lips, let my dreams rest in your eyes.
  13. Come to me and I'll shower you with the best hugs ever.

Sweet romantic notes celebrate the sweetness in your relationship in an apt way. You can copy it from the Love note collections or use your imagination to write it yourself. The effect will be the same…your partner would love it.