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Love Notes

Sending a word of love through email or SMS may be the norm of the day, but the joy of receiving a hand-written love note is still stronger than any of these. More than the words, it’s the effort that goes into thinking of a romantic thought and penning down before sending it to your beloved. Every lover appreciates this gesture and embraces his/her partner with happiness.

Sending love notes that we well thought of and beautifully written will make your partner fall in love with you all over again.

1. Art Project

Why not use the note as an opportunity to express yourself using more than just words? After all, a love note is nothing but a piece of paper inside an envelope, but with a little creativity, it can be so much more than that. Try writing on scented paper, or enclosing pressed flowers in the envelope with your letter. If you have artistic skill, it’s a great idea to draw in the margins of your letter or on the envelope. You could emboss lovely patterns on the paper as well, if you have the tools to do so. Just keep in mind that less is more—excessive decoration might detract from the appeal.

2. Secret Admirer

Nothing can be more flattering than receiving a letter from a secret admirer. The best way to ensure that your beloved will receive your correspondence is to use a delivery service, but choose to have your name withheld. This is a good opportunity to confess your love for someone you’ve had a crush on, but it can also be used between people who are in a dedicated relationship. Make a “Secret Admirer” love note for your significant other, then surprise them later with the knowledge that it was you all along!

3. Morning Surprise

If the object of your affection lives with you, it makes this delivery method super easy and fun. You know their morning routine, so place the love note somewhere where they are bound to see it. Tape it to their mirror, put it on the shower handle, or weigh it down with their favorite coffee cup. If your loved one needs to drive to work, you can try leaving the note on the seat of their car. Your heartfelt letter is sure to banish the morning blues and give them a great start to their day.

4. Piece at a Time

If you and your lover enjoy playing games together, you can turn your love letter itself into a different sort of game. First, write a full draft of your love note (it probably shouldn’t be too long). Then, split each sentence in half and write half a sentence each on single strips of paper. Leave these in various places that he or she will find them: around the home, in their car, in different pockets of their backpack or laptop bag, or a combination of several different places. Then, see if they can match each beginning of a sentence with the ending that it belongs to. If you want, you can give them clues to make solving the puzzle all the merrier!

5. Message in a Bottle

In the days of yore, putting a message in a glass bottle was done only as a cry for help. You can’t live without your partner’s love, so what could be more appropriate than “crying out” for them with your own message in a bottle? Write your love note and stick it in a bottle, then leave the bottle somewhere that your lover can find it. Try to obtain the prettiest bottle you can, and keep in mind that old-fashioned elements, such as a cork stopper, will make for the most romantic experience.