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Love Mythologies

Love is an emotion which is insatiable. The more you get, the more you yearn for. Love mythologies have also depicted this fact and have connoted in different ways the expression of this human emotion. Here are few famous mythological aspects for your get a better understanding of love mythologies.

"In love, one and one are one." - Jean Paul Sartre - So well said by the prominent personality. Here are few major gods and goddesses from various love myths of Rome, Greece and India who made the history in love mythologies.


Greek Love Mythology


Aphrodite - The Goddess of love who was treated equivalent to Roman Venus, Phoencian Astarte and the Babylonia Ishtar. It is not clear by the records that whether, she was daughter of Zeus or she sprung from the sea. She was not faithful to her husband - Hephaestus, the god of fire.

She was the most beautiful goddesses and hence, enjoyed applauds from Paris. It is written in the Greek mythology that she had the power of granting beauty and invincible charm to others. To her - myrtle rose, apple and poppy were sacred and in the animal world - sparrow dove, swan and swallow were sacred.

Narcissus - A beautiful youth mentioned in the Greek mythology who rejected the love of the nymph Echo. He was condemned to fall in love with his own reflection in the pool. The place where he died, a white colored flower sprang up which was later, named after him.



Roman Love Mythology

Cupid - The god of love in Roman mythology. He was the son of Venus and Mercury and fell in love with a mortal woman - Psyche. They cud not stay together and hence, his romance ended in tragedy. In the modern times - Cupid is depicted as a small baby like creature with wings. This form also carries a bow and arrow with a heart attached to its tip. It is believed that if, cupid arrows anybody then, that person would fall in love.




Indian Love Mythology

There are tales and myths associated with the Indian love mythology. Great epics like Ramayana and Mahabharata has lodged romantic legends. Charming and passionate stories of Hindu god and goddesses are very popular. Lyrical rendition of Kalidas's Meghadutam and Abhijnanashakuntalam are very romantic expression of mythologies of love.

Legends in India speak about the love encounters between Radha and Krishnan. There are also tales of Meera bai's sacrifice to her luxurious life in search of pure love which is attained from Lord Krishna.

Kama - The god of love in Hindu mythology. He was known to be the most beautiful and attractive looking male amongst all the gods and males present. He was born out of the heart of Creator Lord Brahma and is depicted with greenish red complexion adorned with flowers and ornaments. He is believed to be the god of springs and is accompanied by dancers, performers and fairies.

Various cultures have defied love in different manners. Both male and female forms of love characters are present in love mythologies. Here is a list from different love mythologies gods and goddesses -


  1. Amor or Cupid - god of passionate love in Roman mythology
  2. Aphrodite - goddess of passionate love in Greek mythology
  3. Eros - god of passionate love in Greek mythology
  4. Freya - goddess in Norse mythology
  5. Kama - god of sensual love in Hindu mythology
  6. Rati - goddess of passionate love in Hindu mythology
  7. Venus - goddess of passionate love in Roman mythology
  8. Xochipilli - god in Aztec mythology

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