Romantic Comedy Movies

Who doesn't like love stories, and when it comes with a hilarious plot to go with it, nothing can be more enjoyable. Romantic comedy movies are popular all over the world, with all kinds of viewers, for the amazing romantic plots and comic situations that it provides. From the classic Hollywood comedies to comic Hollywood romances, romantic comedy movies always evoke laughter and fun. Most of the romantic comedy films include funny plots, romantic yet sarcastic dialogues, funny climax, and a romantic ending that brings smile on the faces of the audience.

Let's have a look at the Top romantic comedy movies which not only have topped the charts during their respective release times but also have won many awards and audience appreciation.

Popular Romantic Comedy Movies


  1. When Harry Met Sally:

    Released in the year 1989, the film narrates a story of two people who fall in love with each other gradually during the period of 10 years. They start with a fight that men and women can never be friends as Billy Crystal calls it an eternal reason of complication between man and a woman. They get separated to meet again and again to go their own ways and reunite to be together. This film is marked by several hilarious situations which give rise to laughable moments in the film.
  2. Pretty Woman:

    One of the popular movies of all time, 'Pretty Woman' is one of the best romantic comedies that Hollywood has ever seen. Richard Gere and the beautiful Julia Roberts play the roles of a renowned business man and a hooker. To start with Gere hires Roberts and they go off to spend time in an expensive hotel in posh Beverly Hills. As time goes by, both fall in love and the story unfolds into a greater complication and its solution to make it a happy ending in the end. Released in 1990, the film earned huge profit at the box office.
  3. Meet the Parents:

    A hilarious film about a father, his daughter and his future son-in-law, the plot revolves around Ben Stiller who goes to his girlfriend's house to get her father's approval of him. Robert De Niro, who plays the father of the girl, develops an immediate dislike to stiller and puts his abilities on test. Stiller on the other hand makes things worse to deteriorate the scenario. A must watch movie for the several comic situations that it has, you can spend your two hours laughing all the way at the weirdest things happening on screen.

Romantic Comedy Movies are a great way to spend your time when you're not feeling too well or are upset with something. The best way to watch these films are cuddled in the arms of your beloved and having a time of your life.