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Classic Romantic Movies

Nothing can beat the classic romantic movies when your heart craves for all time romantic love stories. Classic romantic movies comprise some of the greatest love stories in the world. The greatest actors of all time have acted in various classical romantic films and great directors have worked on it to make it masterpieces in the history of cinema. Till date these all time romantic films are watched by film lovers.


Whether you are an avid lover of romantic films or want best cinematic experiences, these classical films have never failed to charm its audience. The compact plot, the vivid screenplay and intelligent script of these films have helped it survive the test of time to be popular always. The makers of romantic films have induced it with the latest techniques and expertise thus, making it rich from even cinematic point of view. These films, when released, made huge profits and even today these attract more audience than you can even imagine. Let's have a look at the best classical romantic movies of all time which can make your evenings really special.


Top Classic Romantic Movies


  1. Casablanca:

    One of the greatest hits of all time, Casablanca is a dramatic love story that is known for the romantic love triangle that the film narrates. From Humphrey Bogart, to Paul Henreid and Ingrid Bergman, the impressive star cast of the film makes it a pleasurable experience watching the romantic moments that the film offers. Be prepared for a dramatic climax which will for sure include this film in one of your top favorites.
  2. Gone with the Wind:

    If you are a true lover of romantic flicks, you must watch 'Gone with the Wind' which is perhaps one of the best romantic classic movies. A heart wrenching story of lovers trying to be happy and seek happiness in the times of trouble will for sure make you fall in love with the plot and presentation of the story. The cast of the film includes Vivienne Leigh and Clark Gable, whose superb acting got the film Academy Award. You must watch this film for its brilliant narration and lavish presentation.
  3. Notorious:

    When you get a bit of thrill and suspense blended to your favorite romantic film, it must be the famous movie 'Notorious'. Starring Cary Grant, Ingrid Bergman, and Claude Rains, it is a classic romantic suspense thriller which narrates you the story of a secret agent and his love life. The brilliant plot and script of the film will for sure make it a pleasurable experience for you to watch this film.
  4. Roman Holiday:

    What happens when a princess runs away from her palace and falls in love with a reporter? Well, the best thing you can do to answer this question is watch 'Roman Holiday', one of the all time Hollywood classics. The gorgeous graceful beauty of Audrey Hepburn and the enigma of Gregory Peck makes this movie a must watch.

Classic romantic movies are collectors' items and when you are looking for some real drama, real situations, and real love, go for these romantic Hollywood comedies to get the best of it.