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Romantic Movies

Romantic Movies has always been the favorite with Cinema Lovers. The eternal bonding of love shared between a man and a woman has always been celebrated on screen. From the eternal love story of 'Romeo and Juliet' to 'Roman Holiday' where the pauper falls in lover with a princess, movies on love have always touched the sensitive hearts.

Here is a list of top 10 most watched romantic films from all over the world. these movies would surely touch your emotional chord and make your eyes moist.

  • 'Breakfast at Tiffany's' (1961)

The plot of this film revolves round Paul Varjak, played by George Peppard. Paul is a gigolo and a struggling writer. He shifts to an apartment in Manhattan where he meets Holly Golightly, played by Audrey Hepburn. Holly, who is a charming lady and lives all by herself is Paul’s neighbor. The two gets along well and develops a romantic bonding. Hepburn as Holly Golightly, is someone any girl can relate to. This is such an unforgettable movie.

  • 'Casablanca' (1942)

Talk of a classic book turned into a movie that created history and Casablanca comes to mind first. The performance by Humphrey Bogart as Rick and Ingrid Bergman as Ilsa will steal your heart away. The plot of the movie and the story telling capacity of the director would move you.

"Of all the gin joints in all the towns in all the world, she walks into mine," said Rick to Ilsa, his old love affair. She walks into a nightclub to floor Rick. With World War II take a toll of everyone, the two love birds are forced to make agonizing choices. The band plays “Marseillaise” as the German patrons join their voices together. You would end in moist eyes with every scene.

  • 'Doctor Zhivago' (1965)

The plot of Doctor Zhivago revolves around the Russian Revolution. It shows the grief, pain and suffering of Yuri Zhivago, who is a physician and poet, played by Omar Sharif. The tragic events engulf the mind of every viewer. Zhivago falls in love with Lara, a very beautiful lady, played by Julie Christie. The poet finds some tinge of happiness in life. Their love saga will sweep your feet away. Every problem would seem insignificant as you watch on this classic flick.

  • Pretty Woman (1990)

This is a personal favorite. Julia Roberts and Richard Gere in Pretty Woman looked a couple only made for each other. Watching them getting romantically involved is like a dream talking forms of reality in front of the eyes. The film speaks the story of a girl who goes from rags to riches. Gere finds Roberts, who is a hooker, to accompany him on his trip. Gradually the both fall in love at a moment when you would feel, he would just not choose her. He trains her to get along with the richest class of the society. Then they depart only to reunite forever. This 90s flick has not aged a bit. It still feels fresh to watch this movie over and over again. You can focus on any aspect of the film, its plot, actors, the romance and the lovely music will keep you glued to your seat. How can you not hum with the tune of “Pretty Woman”?

  • City of Angels (1998)

City of Angels tells you how to be romantic in your personal life. It gives you an answer to some of the most complex situations faced in a romantic relationship. Love and care are free of troubles and the movie will tell you how. Starring Meg Ryan and Nicholas Cage, you would want to have this movie in your collection once you watch it. It is beautifully filmed to make you engrossed in the story line. Cage plays the role of angel Seth. He discovers himself in a difficult situation as he falls in love with Meg. Both the actors look stunning and angelic throughout the movie. How they meet and go through turmoil to never leave each other is a story that would tug to your heart. Cage arrives from grace to unite with a girl from the earth and never leave her. the drama rises until the final moment,

  • An Affair to Remember (1957)

This is a glorious story of love. The main essence of the storyline is romance. Cary Grant would fill your heart with emotions as he plays the role of an eligible bachelor. He is all set to get wed to an heiress. Before their wedding, Grant accidentally meets Deborah Kerr, and realizes that he is getting married to a woman who is not of his kind. The complication of life begins from there. Like Grant, Kerr also realizes that she is engaged to a wrong man.

  • Autumn in New York (2000)

Autumn in New York is a tragic story of romance. The film opens in the summer month of May. A 48 year old man, very well to do, plays the prime character. He is an upscale restaurateur, is there on the New York magazine’s cover story and he has anti ideas when it comes to love. The lady, on the other hand, is just 22. Young, lively, very artistic and living with her grandmother. She has a life threatening tumor. They happen to meet and eng up getting cozy on bed. The next morning the girl unwraps her story to him and tell him she would die soon. The experience of love, struggling for life to remain together as long as they live, engulfs the mind of every viewer.

  • Singin' in the Rain (1952)

Don Lockwood and Lina Lamont became the most romantic pair onscreen in 1927. For Lina, the onscreen affair takes the turn to a real one as she falls in love with Don. However, Don, who is still with his former girlfriend, Cosmo, has earned his fame and success after a lot of hard work. In the meanwhile, Don and Lina's latest film is planned to turn into a musical flick, for which Doc gives his voice for all his songs. Lina struggles a lot. She keeps diction coach to get her pronunciations correct but the director finally decided to get her voice dubbed by Kathy Selden. During the shoot of the film, Don falls in love with Kathy and the story moves on with complexities of relationships.

  • Twilight (I) (2008)

Twilight is the one of the biggest box office hits of 2008. This love saga of a normal girl with a vampire will make you fall in love again. Bella Swan, a high school girl, is a lot different from the rest of the crowd. She had a stand-alone attitude and never tried to be a part of the plastic girlish gang. Her clothing style would also be different from those trendy and fitting and clothes. She moved from Phoenix, Arizona to rainy little town of Forks, Washington to stay with her father. Things changed for her after she met Edward Cullen, played by Robert Pattinson. This mysterious looking guy is a vampire who has not aged since 1918, which Bella realizes after long.

  • Roman Holiday (1953)

This is the love story of a princess with a common man. Princess Anne goes on board on a exceedingly publicized European capitals’ tour. When they reach Rome, she starts feeling suffocated of all the disciplines and mannerisms she is forced to follow. One night she decides to run away. She happens to meet a young journalist, with whom she falls in love and ends up experiencing the life of a common man. You would fall in love with Audrey Hepburn and Gregory Peck in the film.

Top Romantic Movies

  1. Doctor Zhivago
  2. The English Patient
  3. Grease
  4. Casablanca
  5. The Notebook
  6. Dirty Dancing
  7. Gone With the Wind
  8. Love Story
  9. My Fair Lady
  10. Jerry Maguire
  11. Breakfast at Tiffany's
  12. An Officer and a Gentleman
  13. An Affair to Remember
  14. The Way We Were
  15. West Side Story
  16. The Philadelphia Story
  17. When Harry Met Sally


Now, let's have a look at some of the top best romantic movies which you check out for its brilliant presentation of romance.

Best Romance Films

  1. The Notebook
  2. Titanic
  3. 10 Things I Hate About You
  4. Bicentennial Man
  5. Dirty Dancing
  6. Gone With the Wind
  7. An Affair to Remember
  8. Amelie
  9. Runaway Bride
  10. Casablanca
  11. City of Angels
  12. Father of the Bride
  13. My Best Friend's Wedding
  14. Message in a Bottle
  15. Valentine's Day
  16. While You Were Sleeping
  17. Say Anything
  18. Shadowlands
  19. Seven Pounds

There are also many films which cater to the audience having an affinity for serious films. Though these films are romantic but they have a different take on romance. Let's have a look at some of the best serious romantic films in Hollywood which are known for their subject and its presentation.

  1. It's Complicated
  2. Broken Embraces
  3. A Single Man
  4. Sugar
  5. (500) Days of Summer
  6. Avatar
  7. Life is Beautiful
  8. Juno
  9. The curious case of Benjamin Button
  10. Babel
  11. Forrest Gump
  12. Cast Away


Top Recent Romantic Movies:

  1. 27 Dresses: 

    Released in the year 2008, this is a romantic comedy revolving around a young lady (Katherine Heigel), who falls in love with a reporter who had planned a story on her. Light hearted romance and funny moments in the film have made it a super hit among teenagers and young crowd across the globe. This is a must catch romantic film if you have a liking for mushy romantic sequences.
  2. The Curious Case of Benjamin Button:

    Starring Brad Pitt and Cate Blanchet, this is a story of a man who is aging backwards. He falls in love with Cate Blanchet and thus, the story takes an unexpected turn ever. Their love and romance, standing tall amidst all complexities and haunted experiences of life, is what makes the film immensely popular with audience across the world. Released in the year 2008, this is one of the best romantic movies which have captured the memories of the audience
  3. He's Just Not That into You: 

    Released in the year 2009, this is a unique romantic movie with multiple plots and a complicated script. The story revolves around a bunch of adults who fall in love and enter into the complexities of romantic relationships. This is a must watch film if you are a lover of true life romantic films. Starring Ben Affleck, Ginnifer Goodwin, Justin Long, Jennifer Aniston, and other big stars this is a complete entertainment package for 2 hours.
  4. Definitely, Maybe:

    An amazing plot and a great star cast, this is a film which revolves around the relationship of a father and his daughter. Played by Ryan Reynolds, the single father narrates his love stories with three ladies in his life, to his daughter and let's her know that he was equally in love with these three ladies and one of them is her mother. It was released in the year 2008 and did very well at the Box Office. An enchanting story, this is a must watch if you're looking forward to a thorough romantic film.


These best romantic movies have not only gained huge profit and popularity but also a world full of acclamation and accolades. From the Oscars to Cannes Festival, the best Hollywood romances have never failed to attract attention of billions of film buffs around the globe.Whether you love subtle romantic comedies or prefer the more practical and rustic ones, one thing you won't be able to deny is that the popularity of romantic movies is only increasing with time.