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Love vs Money

"Money is not the most important thing in the world. Love is. Fortunately, I love money."

Hilarious! This is true face of today's world. People have forgotten many things. Love vs Money is the most interesting discussion topic today. You would say that love is more important for you but, the inner truth is the something else. You cannot be without money and this is realty.

'Money cannot never buy love' - an old saying by a famous author. Would you choose love over money? Most of you will answer 'yes'. Be honest to your heart as, you know that with the changing scenario not many people would actually agree to it. Love money trivia can help you in doing the realty check. Here are few simple questions for your reply honestly to get the difference of love and money -

1) Will you date someone who is?
  a) Not well settled financially but, loves you
  b) Very rich and you are just attracted

2) How would you expect him to propose you?
  a) With simple red roses but, in special manner
  b) With diamond ring in a luxurious resort beach

3) Why would you dump him/her?
  a) Lied about his financial status
  b) Lied about his affairs and cheated

4) What is your idea of romantic date?
  a) At home together and watching love movies
  b) Wine and dine at a star hotel

5) You would plan a trip to-
  a) Meet his/her family and friends
  b) Resort and spa vacation

6) What is "security"?
  a) Unconditional love despite of ups and downs
  b) Breaking up in trails and turmoil

You can get a better idea on love vs money. If, you have marked more 'a' option then, you are at the right path. And yes! You fall for love and definitely find true love one day. However, more of 'b' options tell about your inclination to money. And, if you have mixed answers then, you are surely confused. To remove this you have to understand true love.

When in love you will not seek for money and just love the person whole heartedly. But, money mindedness is being more selfish and might lead you to lustful acts. Not, many people are taking life seriously. Traditional ways are known as old thoughts. You are more career minded and forget the immense happiness received from love.

Money has overpowered everything today. But, is it true that money can buy happiness. May be yes! May be no! Money can only bring temporary excitement and material contentment. You can never suffice your hunger for love with money.

You can earn money with your skills but, you cannot find love anytime. Love needs patience and unconditional behavior. You can conquer the world with love but, can only buy some portion of it with money.

Money is important for living but, you can never be happy without love. Love of family and friends is very important for survival. Love vs money is definitely a topic of debate but, ultimately Love wins over everything. Love it to be cherished forever but, money is not.

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