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Love vs Lust

Are you in love or just being lustful? Love vs lust is the most complex expressions in life. Both are the integral parts of human behavior and are impossibly interconnected. You may be really attracted to a gorgeous looking lady in your office but, you can deem it as, love.

It might just appear that lust cannot be separated from love. But, the fact is if, you are indulged in lust then, love is absent. However, to express your passionate desires during love, lust is required. To get the clear picture of difference between love and lust, you have to understand it individually.

Meaning of Love

Love is the purest human expression. It is away from all the barriers, conditions and negativity. Love means strong positive emotion that is a mixture of care, concern, respect, truth and peace. You can experience the affection in different ways. You can find infatuations happening but, love takes place only once. It's a euphoric feeling when, juts at the sight of your beloved you skip your heat beat.

You can experience true love when, you are not just attracted to him/her but, cannot survive without him/her. Interdependency are more and you feeling soul connection. No doubt physical attraction is present but, it's very tender, caring and emotional.

Blend of sentiments, being together and commitment is the strong base to be in love. You don't expect anything b return from your beloved and that is why, it is love vs lust. Real love is unconditional and from the core of your heart. You experience completely attached to the person, you love.

True love is blissful and not everyone can feel it. You have to give lot of time and be patient to experience it. If in love you will be willing to sacrifice anything for your loved one. It also, brings intimacy and being trustworthy.

Meaning of Lust

Lust is impure and dirty feelings towards anyone. It comes out of negative desires, jealousy, prejudice intentions leading to sinful acts. Lust is more related to physical desires to hurt someone's feelings. Lust is impulsive burst of destructive behavior without understanding or considering the other person's wishes.

You can never compare love and lust. If, you are getting intense feelings towards someone and it ends up with physical involvement then, it means you are feeling lustful. Being in lust is more forced act on physical needs and not for making soul connections. You just don't care about the person when in lust.

The acts done with lustful thoughts are not the deeds of a human behavior. You cannot experience attachment with the person you lust for. Lust makes a person more wild and aggressive as, you just care about what you can get from the other one.

Love vs Lust

Love or lust, what is each worth,

All you hear of is love from the day of your birth.

Is love just a saying that comes with no feeling,

Or is it a feeling that your heart it's stealing.

Is it suppose to feel good like a mid-summer night,

Or is it hurt from an abusive fight.

Is it betrayal from a knife in your back?

Or is it just normal to cry Kleenex by the pack.

Maybe it's lust not love nor much care,

But it feels like more when I see that stare.

I don't know much of the true meaning of lust,

I only see it as love covered with dust.

I've heard "I love you" so many times,

I don't know when it's true or when it's just rhymes.

I can't wait until I find that special one,

To hear the real I love you and my family you can join.

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