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Igniting flames of Romance

Love is eternal, love relationships too, but for igniting flames of love, efforts have to be made. Right from the days of courtship and a married relationship, two lovers have sustained and nurtured a full blossomed love relationship.


Being with each other always, being for each other always has not diminished the love relationship, but at times they need to add some spice to their lives.

Daily grind and familial obligations of married life certainly takes a toll on the love relationship. Bringing out the youth, the spirit of adventure and letting go of yourselves in you and your partner is the urgent need of the hour which will rekindle the love flames of your relationship.

For igniting flames of love, think of your favorite activities - it could be anything under the sun .....scratch your brain a little more and recollect your dormant desire of doing something in your golden days of youth.


Have discussions or drop hints about those to your life partner, prep up your idea with loads of enthusiasm and motivation. Bear in mind to look out of activities which can be done in pairs - especially the two of you.

A few activities which will ignite love flames could be to enroll in dance class for a ball room dance lessons, gymming out the extra fat, art appreciation course, learning a new language together.


Plan out dinners and parties with new acquaintances and old friends, going out for weekend picnics and short trips for fishing or golfing could also lead to rediscovery of each other. This gives way for spending some extra time with each other and experiencing each other in a new perspective.

Gifting a special gifts, which lays down the path for a special activity involving just the both of you could be breathtaking moment for rediscovering each other and keep the love ignition on. Ideal would be to try out activities such as golf, dance lessons, fishing, fitness courses, penning down your thoughts, etc.

Love ignition has to be one's own initiative..... We have to try our level best to keep our relationship full of excitement and flames of love always ignited. Relationships dull with the years, and marriage is no exception.


Couples try to rekindle the romantic feeling that got them together to keep the marriage or relationship from falling apart. Here are some tips to keep love as fresh as the first day Eros struck your hearts.

Staying Together

Couples married for 15 years suddenly realize that their physical desire for each other wanes. They are caught up with the demands of daily responsibilities. Work, kids, bills, and sometimes the in-laws can cause trouble.


Men try to recapture the feeling, alas, with other partners, halting the marriage to a painful stop. Women nag their husbands to take them out or pay attention to them, but it's all useless.

Some couples spend a night once a week just to find each other again. They go to the same places they have gone to, the restaurant where they had their first date, spend time with the same friends, and do all the same things they have done years ago. Sadly, these do not work out fine.

Staying married and saving a relationship do not demand that you do the same things over and over again. Trying to relive the magic, in the same background, is no longer a sure-fire way to rekindle romance. The same sad feeling is there when you wake up in the morning.

But there is hope for couples who genuinely want to stay together. Studies have shown that couples who share new activities and adventures are more likely to stay in love longer than couples who do not do things together or share new interests.

The Multi-Purpose Approach

While you're struggling to keep the embers glowing, you can always find a way to fan dormant feelings. Uncork champagne when you're together watching your favorite TV series, or uncap a bottle of your partner's favorite beer, cut heart-shaped cards and write sexy messages on them, or even just tighten a loose screw on her or his CD player. That's the way to keep mundane things perky.

Notice how divorced couples behave. They do new things with new partners. If they are not into a relationship, they try newfangled tricks to keep their adrenalin rushing.


They find new things to do, new friends, and start new hobbies. It is an interesting world out there for them, after staying in a rut for years. Take this cue; talk your partner to try new things with you. You can be outrageous for the fun of it.


Together, sign up for ballroom dancing lessons, an art class, or learn how to go into business together. Meet new friends and along the way, pick up new ideas you can try. If you haven't gone to concerts, go out and dance.

Trying to stay together need not be dull, heroic, or schmaltzy. Have fun and everything will fall in their proper places. You'll be astounded at the transformation in your partner and in yourself.


You'll have more engaging discussions, which is a key ingredient in any happy marriage or relationship. Soon enough, you'll find each other more interesting and attractive.

Recapturing the old magic is easy when you honestly agree to do more things together than just spending time watching Monday night football and worrying about kids, bills, and work. Life is short, so let your love live to the fullest.


Keep love's flame burning bright until wrinkles and gray hair take up space. Keep the flame burning with thoughtful gifts like a Cross pen for her or cufflinks for him. You can both invest in golf gifts and take up this new sport as a hobby together


When Men and Women enter into a relationship, what they are really looking for is a best friend, some one they know will love us no matter what. Research shows that people who put each other down and are hostile to each other are more likely to have serious problems .


We all have a comfort level and it's usually measured by how we live and what are interests are. Our comfort level gives us a sence of protection. We tend to lose ourselves and interet on what really matters ..(sharing our love!)

We dont want to try new things, if i ain't broke why fix it , that is what we believe when we are at that comfort zone. It seems as though we are living in a box, we need to step out .. We tend to SETTLE for the "status qou" that would be our existing condition.

For the feeling of being afraid of stepping out ... What if ?????? We tend to feel vulnerable and insecure our sense of protection has been broken our love has diminished .. What if ???

Stepping out of the comfort zone could and should have a positive effect in your intimate love romantic relationship moments with your partners. Yes you can have it all !!

It helps us grow and we learn from these intimate experiences. We discover new ways to share love and enjoy happiness together which is the best thing in the world !


Start right now ! Enhance romance ...Follow a few easy steps and soon you will see things in a new light ..

***Steps to Re-igniting the flames of LOVE ****

1. Be spontaneous with your partner it is a way to help your relationship flourish. Being spontaneous with your partner can enrich and strenghten your intimate moments ...try something that you have been wanting to do..

2. Talk, listen and laugh together become best freinds ..You will soon start creating a bond of intimacy .. Be sincere open and honest ..Communicate about love, sex and the relationship..

3. Send Love Notes , Post them everywhere , tell them how gorgeous, handsome,Beautiful, sexy , how much you love them, be creative be specific...

4. Compliment each other lovingly in public and in privacy, show affection for each other ...

5. Show them how much your really care by being responsive , caring and loving whole heartedly .. Do the little things that say i love you and care for you ..

6. Respect each other whole heartedly, partners who treat each other with kind and respect know thta it is essential for having a deep connections and loving relationship..

7. Be a good partner --regularly get them something you know they will like and enjoy ..

8. Don't let negative or annoying comments bother you , discuss the negativity when you are both calm.

9. Take responsibility for your own growth, appearance and health..

10. Communicating without fear is absoulutely essential to building the deepest kind of freindship and intimate partner.. Deep inside of you there are powers that if discovered and used would allow you to achieve all that you ever dreamed or imagined you could become. Love is a Beautiful thing Let's share it