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How to write a Sweet Romantic Note

Writing a romantic note for your lover can work wonders. There are many lovers who are unable to express their feelings when they are in front of their lovers. But if they are allowed to express their feelings by writing a romantic note, you will be surprised to see the intensity and the depth of their feelings. In fact, it is quite likely that they may be better lovers than the ones who speak out a thousand words.

Since time immemorial, quotes have formed an important medium through which feelings have been expressed. This holds true not just for the common man but for the famous poets too. Writing a romantic note is a powerful way of expressing what you feel for your better half or any person whom you hold dear to you.

Romantic quotes can be of different types. You will come across few romantic notes that will express happiness of the person for having fallen in love. There are yet others that may express sorrow for losing in love.

When is writing a romantic note preferable?

There are no bindings. There is no rule that stops you from expressing your feelings. You can write a romantic note whenever you feel like. If you are not being able to express your feeling, you can use this method of expressing your love. Alternatively, if your loved one is far way from you, writing a romantic note can bring the two of you closer.

Given below are few romantic quotes that express love for your beloved. Check them out-


  1. "Hearts will break - yet brokenly, live on", by Lord Byron Writing a romantic note of this type expresses the condition of a lover who has lost in love but is living on.


An important aspect that you need to keep in mind is that falling in love, having candle night dinners, dancing together, sharing special moments doesn't necessarily mean that you have won in love. Love is strange and is appeals to individuals differently. It is something that gives joy and pain equally. And this is best expressed by writing a romantic note. Few other romantic quotes of prominent people are as follows -


  1. "He whom love touches not walks in darkness", by Plato


If you come across romantic quotes, you will be surprised to find the innumerable meanings that are conveyed by writing a romantic note. Few other romantic quotes are given below -


  1. "I will permit no man to narrow and degrade my soul by making me hate him", Booker T Washington
  2. "If you judge people, you have no time to love them", Mother Teresa.

The practice of writing a romantic note can be done on a regular basis. In fact to express your love for your loved ones doesn't require you to wait for special moments. You can just a write a romantic note and leave it on the desk of your lover. A sweet romantic note can also be left in his car, if he drops you to work first, writing a romantic note and leaving it carelessly (yet carefully) near his seat can convey your feelings for him.



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