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Ways To Be Romantic to Your Ex After a Break Up

The sweet romantic relationship with your love has ended and you are once again single. However, for some reason or so you are not liking this new found status of yours and desperately want to get back to your lover. If this is the case with you, then it is time that you get help from some romantic tips to use after a break-up and rebuild new platform of love.


Renew your love; restore the romanticism and create a new saga of love with romantic tips. These romantic gestures after a break -up might even initiate the thought of getting back together in your lover's mind as well. Let your partner know that you still care for him/her without making the situation too uncomfortable for your love.

Romantic Tips after Break-Up


  1. Communicate with Your Love: Do not let go of any chance that allows you to communicate with your love. You can opt to call him/her, but remember not to get annoying or nagging with relationship talks. Maintain a healthy communication without any disruption from love talks and other romance stuffs. It is much more preferable to talk about general issues than getting personal. However, it is advisable not to expect anything in return and keep the patience key on at the same time.
  2. Send Gifts to Your Love: Another great idea of rebuilding the platform of love is to indulge in romance with romantic tips. You can opt to send romantic gifts to your beloved however, do keep in mind the fact that you both are no longer together. Therefore, gifts that worked well in times of relationship might not have the same effect afterwards. It is advisable to send general gifts that go down well with anybody and everybody. You might opt to present a photo frame minus the photo of you both, jewelry (for girls), electronic gadgets, CD's, video games (for boys).
  3. Send Flowers: The age-old conventional trick of sending flowers will definitely work wonders towards creating a new pathway of romance. Pick up her favorite bouquet and get it delivered to her house early in the morning with an attached note. Flowers have never failed to bring that smile on the lips and cheer on the face. It even melts an angry heart or mends a disappointed heart in the most convincing manner. However, do keep in mind not to attach any note of love confessing your mind state or your idea. Keep it plain and simple without 'I love you' and 'Miss You'.
  4. Send Emails and e-greeting Cards:Another excellent idea to set the stage of romance after a break-up is to send e-mails and e-greeting cards to your love. However, always remember you are just building the stage of a renewed relationship and not nurturing the existing relationship. Therefore, it is advisable not to let yourself down with romantic mails or greeting cards, something that will convey your actual interest to your love. Deal with such occurrence in patience. You can opt to forward funny mails or share something unusual. Do not get romantic with the emails and e-cards.
  5. Get Tickets for your Love: If you have managed to get couple of your love's favorite movie ticket, musical concert ticket or the ticket for his favorite sport. Do not think twice and instantly deliver those tickets to your love. However, do not ask her to accompany you to the movie, musical show, or the game. It is advisable to hand her the tickets and say that you managed a couple of them and thought of giving some to her as well.

However, the basic idea of these romantic tips to use after a break-up stays still at one point. Before you engage yourself in rekindling the relationship with such romantic tips after break-up, it is wiser to know about his/her state of mind.

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