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Romantic Weekend Ideas & Tips

Weekends are the best times to rejuvenate your love life. Romantic weekend ideas can help your in better planning of your dates. Sweep your man's heart by doing something really passionate and extraordinary this weekend.

The time spent with your sweetheart must be very special and memorable. Try some unique weekend ideas for naughtier and spicier Saturday night.

  1. Take your sweetheart on a romantic getaway for weekend date. Plan a trip to a nearby place and drive to the attractions on your personal bike. Make your darling feel special by taking him/her to her favorite spot.
  2. Indulge into activities together like, gardening, painting the garage, cleaning the attic for a unique weekend. You can always have a romantic activity together and also utilize it in proper work.
  1. Cuddle up together in your home sweet home and light up the place with some aromatic candles. Enjoy the company of your lover nestled in a blanket and Italian cuisines. Have long romantic conversations and discussions you always longed to have with your beloved.
  2. Movies are the best way of spending time together. A collection of romantic movies, some chocolates, hot coffee, strawberries and cozy blanket are the best romantic weekend ideas to spic up your love life.
  3. Plan a karaoke night. Sing those famous romantic songs that will ignite the spark of romance in you. Arrange a jukebox and play all the passionate love songs on it. Sing along with it loudly and enjoy this fantastic evening with your darling.
  4. Play love scrabble together. The scrabble can be played in many different manners. Just change the rules a make it little naughty. The rules can be like, only romantic words should be made and things like this.
  5. Create a journal for yourself. You both can collect pictures, cards, small gifts, dry flowers and make a love journal. Add some creativity by coloring you journal and perfuming it with your favorite scent. This journal can be like a memoir of your passion and love.
  6. Try hitting a pampering spa and get yourself relaxed. You and your honey can go to a refreshing spa for some Thai massages and hair treatments. Nothing can be so romantic than, indulging into a sauna bath or hot tub treatment on a weekend
  7. Create a luxurious weekend by hiring a limousine for the perfect date. Sweep your lady's heart by gifting her, the dress she had desired for on the special evening. Take her to a plush hotel suite and spend your best weekend in style and comfort.
  8. One of the best romantic weekend ideas is to turn it the most unforgettable one. You have been into this relationship from the past 3 years and longing to propose her. The best way is to do it on your weekend. Take her out and make her feel special and end your weekend by proposing to her in unique manner. She will be speechless and give her no options make her say -Yes.

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