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Romance At Work : Yes Or No?

Probably the most discussed and a controversial issue of all time is Office Romance. Whether you are for it or against, romance at work is here to stay. It maybe you or your colleague or your friend, it's certainly a high possibility that cupid will strike you at office, where you spend the most of your time.


According to some popular researches, 40 to 55% percent of employees fall in love at work and prefer office romances. The reason being simple, after home, you tend to spend the rest of your day at work! Everyone you interact with, every person you befriend and every conversation you share brings you closer to your co-worker. Employees get to know each other better, come to know about their preferences, hobbies, shortcomings, and interests which lead to closer relationships that can even lead to romance.


Workplace romance is discouraged by many and some support it. Some companies have strict rules to deal with it whereas some encourage it giving out schemes and facilities for couples working in the same place or same department. These companies believe that romances at work, turned into relationships and marriages can only benefit the company! This will lead to proper dedication from both of them, commitment towards work, and improved productivity. Whether you like it or not, once you get to know someone and realize that he/she is a lot like you, you just cannot stop yourself from getting closer to that person.


Many couples at office say that it is a great place to find like-minded people. You have the same qualification, the same skills, same education, attitude, values, similar mentality, and income level…how can you not be free and close to that person. You also know how/she reacts when under pressure and how well the person goes along with others. Psychologists say these are the ideal conditions for a relationship to bloom.


Of all said and done, if you're inclined to your colleague and want to go further about it, make sure you are all prepared to handle the pressures that come with it. The first and foremost thing you must realize that, your company may not have friendly policies for office romance. In that case, you will have to keep your relationship as low as possible. Talk to your partner and make sure you don't appear like romantic couples at work place.


Also do not confine yourself talking to only your partner, Mix around with other co-workers and give them ample time. Also don't share it with anyone if you're not sure that he/she is trustworthy. Be prepared to deal with jealousy from colleagues once everyone comes to know about it. There might be situations like promotions and salary hikes for your partner, whereas you may not get the same. This is the time you will have to be rational and take it professionally.


Be professional enough to keep your love-life and work separate. Remember, you both are here to work and that should be you primary concern. Don't let your personal issues and fights hamper your work productivity. Make sure you concentrate fully and only on your work and keep your love interests outside your work place.


If you follow these basic guidelines, romance at work would be quite interesting and safe as well.


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