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Ideas & Tips For a Romantic Phone Calls

Our lives have become really hectic and busy. Often it is a phone call that comes to our respite. You can just take time out for a few minutes, say 'I love you' and hang up. It may sound rush, but then it's always the three word magic that works. Your partner's heart is bound to melt away. Making romantic phone call does not require you to go through a rehearsal process. It should be as instant as your love at first sight.


Romantic phone calls are often the best things that busy couples indulge in. Long distance relationships have been made easier just with a few minutes call to say 'I miss you' and 'come back soon'. Often silence would speak louder than words. You can call up to say nothing yet speak volumes. After a hectic day, making romantic phone call at night before going to bed would help you relax.

If you are out of town on a business trip, leave a romantic phone message on voicemail to your partner. She may just buzz every morning on the answering machine to hear your voice. If it is her birthday or your anniversary, play soft background music as you wish her/ him on the special day. There are several ways to make a creative romantic phone call.

Romantic phone conversations are more often the first step for a date or a relationship. Suppose you have not met the person, phone calls would certainly give you a feel of the person's likes and dislikes. Learning to handle love phone calls can make a difference in your life. Serial daters are often able to adopt even voice modulation techniques that make an instant impression on a girl/boy.

There are even friendly moves that you can apply when you are talking your heart out to your beloved. This works magic especially in a long distance relationship when you are not really aware of her daily work and activities.


Top ideas for making romantic phone call

There are small things that make the biggest difference in life and relationships. Although many regard a romantic phone call simple things do, but there are others who are hesitant about it. Here are some great ideas that you can apply while making romantic phone call.


  1. Make excuses to call him/her throughout the day. Make the calls short and sweet. See that you are not boring your partner with unnecessary conversations.
  2. Leave a voice message on the answering machine, it will make a happy morning once he/she wakes up or returns home after a tiring night shift.
  3. Make a call until you reach her doorstep. She would be surprised to open the door and find you still talking to her!
  4. Call in the middle of the night and just whisper 'I love you'.
  5. Even missed calls at workplace are an excellent way to remind that you are missing her/him.

You are the friend at the end of the day and also the lover whom she trusts so much. You are after all discovering ways to keep connected with him/her.

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