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How to Give a Perfect Sensual Romantic Massage

Love survives long when there is romance and romance would be there when you try out new means of spicing up your relationship. Do you know how to give a romantic massage? Well, if you do then it maybe easier for you to keep your partner glued to the relationship. Everyone loves massages, whether it's a relaxing foot massage or aroma therapy body massage. Massage not only relaxes your muscles but also rejuvenates your mind after a long hectic day of work. For all of those romantic people out there…massages can also work wonders for your love life! Sensual and sheer pleasure, romantic body massages can make your partner crave for more.

Pleasure and excitement are the basics of a romantic relationship. Accept it or not, a romantic relationship can never survive without physical needs being satisfied and when it comes to romantic moments with your partner, all you need is to be innovative with your love act. Romantic massages are very easy to give if you know the basic methods of doing so. Without any further delay, let's get to know how to give a romantic massage to your partner when he/she is tired back from work or just needs to relax after a strenuous day.


Tips for How to give a Romantic Massage


  1. Set the mood: Romantic pleasure massages require special attention on the surroundings and atmosphere where you want to make it happen. However, bedroom is the best place where your can arrange for it. Once you decide on the time when you want to do it, make sure, you won't be disturbed during your massage session. Close all the windows and pull the drapes and curtains to keep the room warm. Switch off any bright source of light in the room. Also dim the night lamps or cover it with soft cloth. Set the bed with towel rolls and comfortable pillows. Make sure all cell phones or landlines, that might cause any disturbance, are turned off.
  2. Candles: How can you even think of a romantic massage without candles! Light up all the candles in your bedroom… more the better. Also make sure you have few scented candles to make the entire atmosphere fragrant. From heart shaped candles to the regular ones, try out various shapes and sizes available in the market.
  3. Music: Your body massage session would be incomplete without appropriate music to set the mood. Soft instrumental or romantic music would be ideal for the massage session. Make sure the volume is not too loud or too low while you make the arrangements.
  4. Massage Oil: Body massage oil is the basic thing you require for a romantic massage. There are hundreds of oils available in the market to choose from. You can also go for the aroma therapy body massage oil which is extremely popular. The candle massage oils can also be great for the occasion.
  5. Body massage technique: You must know the right technique to start with your massage session. The back of neck, feet, the entire back along with the middle portion are ideal places to concentrate while you start with the therapy. Bold and long movements of hands with light and heavy pressure are the right ways to go about it. You can also use your thumb to relax the pleasure points in your partner's body.

Once you are all set and are confident about how to give a romantic massage, surprise your partner with the all the arrangements that you have done. This can not only be an immensely pleasurable experience for him/her but for sure will also boost up your love life considerably.


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