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Romantic Ideas & Tips to Surprise Your Partner

There is no question about the fact that you love your beloved more than anything else in this world. Do you want to surprise your beloved with your romantic ideas? It is really an unforgettable felling seeing joy in the face of your nearer dearer one when he/she sees it with an amazing face. Romantic surprises are a lot of fun and many even spend hours to plan something unique to surprise their partners. You can also employ your own creativity and romantic ideas to surprise your partner.

Let's have a look at some of the best romantic ideas for surprises below:


  1. Surprise your beloved with love notes. Hide little romantic love notes in pockets, in wallets, in purses and in the glove box, in the fridge, under the keyboard, everywhere in the house. Wherever he/she goes, whatever he/she touches, find a love note. He/she will find a new love notes everyday, for days, months and even for years. This will be a big surprise for your nearer dearer one indeed.
  2. Writing romantic letter has become obsolete in the recent times. You can write a romantic love letter and send it to him/her in traditional postal service. When he/she will open the envelope will be surprised undoubtedly.
  3. You can also reserve a room in luxury hotel in the neighboring city. Ask your beloved to come in the lobby at a certain specific time. Keep a big bouquet of fresh flowers by the bed and some good chocolates on the pillows. Shower the bed with rose petals. Put candles in the bathroom, keep an ice bucket and a bottle of chilled champagne. When he/she will enter the room, it will definitely be a big surprise for him/her.
  4. Return home a bit early and inform your beloved that both of you are going on a romantic getaway vacation to one of the most romantic places in the world. This will definitely surprise him/her and she/he will be ecstatic.
  5. Surprise your partner by taking him/her out to dinner to a romantic restaurant where you have never been. You must plan everything in advance to surprise him/her. The table needs to be ready when you arrive and you don't need to wait at all. While the wine is served, your beloved will be offered a bouquet with a note saying "To the Sweetest Love I've Ever Known". He/she will be surprised definitely.
  6. You can take your sweetheart to a helicopter tour which is definitely a big surprise for him/her. Explore your neighborhood as well as other romantic landmarks in the region. Enjoy the tour with some wine.
  7. Buy tickets of your partner's favorite show or sport. Don't inform him/her about it until the particular day. On the previous night, keep the ticket on the dinner table. You will certainly love the surprise and excitement on your beloved's face.
  8. When your partner hardly gets any time to socialize with his near and dear friends, the best thing you can do to make him happy is organize a secret party for him/her. Plan a get-together on your terrace or in your living room. Invite all your partner's friends to your place and request them to keep it a secret. Arrange for the food and drinks and keep his/her favorite music DVD handy. Put off the lights in your living room and leave the door ajar for him to enter. He will naturally be curious seeing the lights off in your living room and when he rushes inside, put on the lights and pounce on him/her. Your partner will for sure be taken aback and will thoroughly enjoy himself throughout the evening. Make sure to give him a passionate kiss to start the exciting evening for him.<
  9. Once your partner goes out for work, start with the redecoration of your room. You can also hire professional help to make sure the work is getting done perfectly. Change the color of your room and work on decorating it all over again. Change the look and feel of the room and finish the decoration with fresh flowers and candles brightening the entire room romantically. When your partner comes home, he will be shocked and ecstatic to see the change.
  10. Once you are done for the day and making preparations for going to bed, surprise him with coming out of the bathroom with a sheer negligee on. Choose some bright colors for the night and enjoy the surprise on your partner's face. You can also try out fancy lingerie for him to enjoy thoroughly.

Apart from the above mentioned romantic surprise tips there are also plenty in number. You can also employ your imagination and intellect to find some unique romantic ideas to surprise him/her and make the relationship more unique.

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