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Romantic Tips & Ideas for Long Distance Relationships

"Distance makes the heart grow fonder", a very romantic saying but does it actually work in all distance relationship is the question. Long distance relationship is something that every couple might have come across. Some rode on it successfully while others failed and let the distance take a toll on their relationship.


The key lies in indulging in romantic breaks frequently and letting your partner know that you are always with him/her with romantic tips for long distance relationships. What it takes for long distance relationships to survive is understanding, love and romance. Make him/her understand that you will always be there for him/her, come what may.


Romantic Ideas for Long Distance Relationship

If your love is bonded with mutual trust, commitment and respect then no distance can make your love go weak. The key to spice up your love life is to indulge in some romanticism. Let us have a look at some of the romantic tips for long distance relationships that will help in keeping your love alive.


  1. Stay Connected over the Internet: The best romantic idea for a long distance relationship is to stay connected always. Steal a moment and get chatting with your love over the instant messengers like (Yahoo, ICQ, AOL, etc). You can also hold your love over Skype and chat with him/her for long hours without affecting the phone bills.
  2. Write a Letter: A letter can work wonders in surviving a long distance relationship. Write down a letter, seal it with your kiss and get it delivered to your sweetheart with love. Another wonderful romantic tip that will make your sweetheart trip again in love is to send him/her a letter carrying your fragrance. Spray your perfume over the letter and send it to your love. You can also opt to soak material pieces in perfume and attach them with the letter and mail it to your love.
  3. E-mail Greeting Cards: Send him/her email cards frequently either confessing your love or stating your mind. Do not keep it on hold for the special occasions only, a romantic card can anytime and every time work wonders in keeping the love clock ticking with romance. A virtual love card can really cast it magical spell of romance over you.
  4. Dedicate A Song Over Radio: An excellent romantic trick, this will really sweep your lover of his/her feet. Dedicate a romantic song over the radio just for your love and see it creating wonders in your long distance relationship. It is advisable not to surprise your love with this romantic call as he/she might miss the radio program letting your effort go wasted.
  5. Drop in Impromptu: You surely know the house address of your love then dropping in at his/her place during the weekend can come up as the most romantic idea ever. Plan a romantic break and surprise your love with this little trick of romance. A short weekend trip can work as a great romantic escapade.
  6. Send Her Flowers and Chocolates: Little gestures of love can always initiate the romanticism in a long distance relationship. The romantic idea works only for the girls and is a great idea for men to try these out. Surprise your love by sending her flowers and chocolates on any given day. A perfect romantic trick for men this can melt your girl in romance every time she receive such sweet gifts of love.

Romantic tips for long distance relationships can always work wonder in the love life of distance couples and offers the much-needed romantic break in the life of the distance couples.

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