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Romantic Ideas & Tips for Married Couples

Romantic Ideas for couples can not only add immensely to the bonding between you and your partner, but also spice up your relationship for a better romantic future. Whether you just stepped in to a relationship or are married or into a relationship for quite some time now, romantic couples can always use some time to enjoy together, wrapped in each other's arms. And these are the times when you can share the best of experiences with each other.

People say, a couple should give each other enough time and company to make the relationship stronger with each passing. But relationships tend to get boring if you don't make it interesting with new romantic ideas and fun activities. Innovating with new means of spicing up your relationship can make both of you enjoy each other's company a lot. Let's have a look at some of the popular Romantic Ideas for couples which can prove to be very effective for you and your partner.

Top Romantic Ideas for couples


  1. Romantic Body Massage: After a long tiring day, what can be more romantic for a couple than a romantic body massage! You can take your turns doing it. Get the necessary items you need for a massage. Scented oils, fragrant body creams, towel rolls, and essential oils essence will complete your preparation for a homemade body massage recipe. Create a romantic environment for your plan. Light up candles, and put on a soft music. Put off all sources of light except a table lamp. You can also cover the lamp with a soft cloth to create a better effect. Once all set, invite your partner for a body massage. Blending gentle strokes with bold ones, massage his/her back from neck to toe. This will help release the tension and relax the muscles for your partner. A nice body massage can make your love act more interesting than ever.
  2. A bubble bath: One of the best romantic ideas for couples, a bubble bath all set with fragrant oils, bubbles, essential oils, scented candles and a soft music playing can make it an unforgettable experience for the both of you. To spice up things further, carry a chilled bottle of champagne along.
  3. Cook Together: Cooking can be a fun experience if you try your hands at it together. Keep a recipe book handy and select a delicious one to start with. You can also bake a cake together. This activity can lead to intense romantic moments for you to savor.
  4. Send surprises: How about mailing a surprise courier to your beloved's work place. Mark it urgent and confidential and keep the sender anonymous. This will be pretty exciting for the both of you, of course until you spill the beans!
  5. Romantic Breaks: The best idea of spicing up relationship after marriage is to indulge in romantic breaks at times. Plan some surprises for your beloved away from the busy schedule life and breathe in freshness in your married life. You can opt to take your wife to a romantic spa hotel and treat her to the pampering spa treatment. Other options will count having a bubble bath or a full body massage.
  6. A Dinner Date: Another top romantic tip is to do something; you will never consider doing everyday. Plan a dinner date take him/her out to his/her favorite restaurant and order the favorite meals. A dinner date planned at home can also get very romantic and intimate. Set the stage with candlelights and accompany your treat with a bottle of wine or champagne.
  7. A Romantic Evening: Spend some quality time together, dedicate an entire evening to your partner, which you often fail to offer her with. Let go of the television just for one day and create enough room for romanticism in your private space. Engage in a bit of cuddling and snuggling, spend the evening talking about love and romance. A romantic break need not always be planned outside.
  8. Decorate Your Bedroom: Your bedroom is your best romantic hideout. Considering this, decorating your bedroom in a romantically inviting way can come up as the most brilliant idea of romancing. Turn off the lights and switch to candle lights, place soft pillows on the bed, and decorate it with rose petals. Arrange for a bottle of wine or champagne and set in the mood of romance in your bedroom.
  9. Share and Care: You had pledged to spend your entire life together, so live and love together. Share all things with your partner. Plan to do some activity together, you can opt for the idea of cooking together or go on gardening together. Another exciting romantic tip for married couples is to show that you care. Do not limit your love to cuddling; shower her/him with sudden affection and love. Always let your partner that you love him/her, send text messages, greeting cards and romantic emails time and again confessing your love.

Romantic Ideas for couples can make your relationship long lasting. Enjoy yourselves as these ideas bring you closer to each other.



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