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Romantic Evening Ideas & Tips - How to Plan a Romantic Evening

Love is the most beautiful expression of life. Make your routine life a little spicy by some romantic evening ideas. Plan something unique to make your day memorable and your relationship stronger.

It may not be a formal date or Valentine's Day but, you must have one special evening to spend with your beloved at least monthly once. Love can be expressed in many ways but passionate tips for the special eve will increase the intimacy between you.

Ideas & Tips for a Best Memorable Eve

Aromatic bath - Fill your bathtub with some rose petals, perfumed oils and bubbly scents to enjoy an intimate bath with your sweetheart. Making love in water is the best way of expressing your passionate love. Make the evening your best one by enjoying frothy bath together.

Candle light dinner - Candle light dinners are the traditional way of reviving your love life. Book your favorite table in your favorite restaurant and enjoy the evening by dining and wining together. Everything seems beautiful in candle light, light romantic music and your sweetheart's arms around you.

Romantic movies - You can always book two corner seats of the most romantic movie and enjoy it with your lover. But, it would be better to get a collection of his/her favorite romantic movies and arrange a home theatre for the special evening. Order some scrumptious Mexican or Italian meals with some delicious deserts and enlighten your eve.

Cook it up together - This is the best way to enjoy an evening with your sweetheart. Romantic evening ideas can create huge difference in long distance relationships also. You can always plan a weekend together. Try some special Thai cuisines by using the cook book your lover gifted to you on your last birthday.

Make the cooking interesting by doing it together. Get involved and order some champagne or scotch to raise the toast. Enjoy this activity by exploring the new dishes from the cook book.

Under the stars - Take her to the beach side or maybe to your apartment terrace to plan your dreamy evening together. You just some simple things to turn it passionate - a Mat, blanket, two wine glasses, some pastas and deserts, candle light, telescope, some cider and champagne.

Blindfold her and take her to your romantic set you have specially arranged for her. Surprise her by gifting her roses and cards. Enjoy your whole evening by star gazing and looking at the universe together. Nestle down together in the blanket and feel cozy by enjoying the wine together.

Long walks - Hold your beloved's hands and go for long romantic walks on the streets of your town. Experience this special night differently by exploring the shops, people, streets and houses of your city. You can also, taker her to beach side for long talks and walks. Carry some chocolates and flowers to woo her. You may also turn your romantic evening the most unforgettable one by proposing to your beloved.

Ride around the town - Hit the roads of your town by taking your sweetheart on a buggy ride. Make your passionate evening splendid by taking her on bike ride or just explore the streets on public conveyance. This is one of the best romantic evening ideas to experience intimacy, bond and closeness with your special person.


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