Inexpensive & Cheap Romantic Ideas & Tips

It is always not possible to take your lover on a date to the plush French restaurant or hire a Limo to woo her. Cheap romantic ideas help you in maintaining your budget for the whole month and to enjoy regular dates with your honey.

Expressing the love can be made simple and yet special. You just have to team it up with some personal touch. Rejuvenate your love life every week and keep the fire ignited by creating the magic in budget.

  1. Bake a chocolate cake for your honey and place a love note on it. This is the best way of expressing your love for him. You can also make some sandwiches for your hubby and parcel it during his lunch. Show some concern and spill some emotions by teaming your romantic meal with love messages.
  2. Leave romantic notes on the regular places like, books shelf, wash basin, shaving kit, wardrobe, shoe shelf and breakfast table. Write something naughty, witty, spicy and cheesy messages to ignite the spark in your lover.
  3. Create some passionate magic by writing on the bathroom mirrors with your lipstick. Make it little peppy by adding some obsessive notes - 'You drive me crazy in the bathtub'.
  4. Give your partner a full body massage and turn the passion on. Use chocolates, strawberry syrups, butter and whipped cream instead of oil and soaps. This is cheap romantic ideas that can ignite heat in your dull love life.
  5. Call your beloved when he/she cannot answer the phone and drop a romantic message like, 'longing to be with your', 'can't wait to see you'. This will definitely spice up your tiresome day and make the love expression in budget.
  6. Cook a special meal for your sweetheart and invite him/her over the dinner. Ordering the food from outside makes it's very unemotional. Try his/her favorite recipe at home and take some time in cooking it up at home. This will show your hard work and concern to be with him/her.
  7. Gift her some wild flowers on your way home. She will be surprise on your innovation and simple ways of loving her. Be careful in choosing the flowers and remove the thorns from it. Ensure that the flower does not hurt her. This is one of the cheap romantic ideas to express your love.
  8. You can always express your love in budget. Just try your creative ability and pen down a romantic poem or song. Sing this poetry to him/her and make him/her feel special. Try to write some personal qualities that you love about your honey and mention the memorable moments you've spent together in the past.
  9. Take her on a moonlight beach walk; this is the most affordable ways of romancing. You can always enjoy your evening by holding her hand and remembering the days you have cherished together. Make the night special by gifting her some flowers from your backyard.
  10. Rains are the best seasons for lovers. Talk and long walk in the rains and kiss your beloved to turn the evening more passionate. Making love in the rain is the best way of enjoying emotional and heated love.

Inexpensive Romantic Ideas for Couples

  1. Cuddle up with hot coffee - Snuggle down together in a blanket and enjoy watching the snowfall with hot coffee. You can always be together inside the blanket and experience the feeling of togetherness on those snowy nights. Make some hot chocolate and adds some marshmallows to relish every sip of your romantic evening.
  2. Hit the roads - Taker her on along drive. Call on her one evening and take her out for along romantic drive. Hit the roads and streets on your bike and make your eve passionate. This is a budget romantic idea to add twist in your love life.
  3. Enjoy sunset - Walk along the beach or lake side to enjoy the amazing sunset together. Nothing can be more romantic than, going for beach side walks and viewing the sunset together.
  4. Sporty date - Invite your partner to play his favorite sport and try to learn it from him. This will show you compassion and love you have for your partner. Try to indulge into the game and turn your date sporty.
  5. Adventure trip - Plan one day for trekking, mountain climbing or river swimming and get involved in the best affordable romantic ideas for your weekend date. Create the magic in budget by taking her for this adventurous trip.
  6. Romantic classics - You can always bank on inexpensive romantic ideas for a special date. Get those romantic classic DVD's and arrange a home theater for the special night. Order some Chinese and enjoy the movies with your beloved.
  7. Delicacies from your kitchen - Get some cookies, strawberries and melted chocolates to enjoy feeding each other. You can always find interesting ways to make love and you kitchen is the best way to get those ideas.
  8. Create funky box - You can use some carton to make a funky box that includes all your partner's favorite things. Collect the small things which your sweetheart is looking out for and put them in this decorated box/basket. He/she will simply love your creativity and innovation.
  9. Revive your first date - This is a unique way of celebrating your evening. Dress up and arrange a small date at your home. Pretend that it's your first date and try to explore each other once again. Turn your romantic night nostalgic by doing the things once again.
  10. Cabaret the night - Dress up in your sexy innerwear and dance for your lover. Try some seductive moves and make love to him. Men always cherish Arabic dances so; why not try some cabaret moves on your special evenings. Enjoy your date very weekend with the inexpensive romantic ideas.

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