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Love & Romance Ideas

A life without romance is unthinkable. A word or two about romance can pep up any relationship and make this life lot more lovable. You may have the desire to wow your lover and express just how much you love her, but it always pays to be creative and think of something unique.

Planning something romantic need not be always grand and extravagant. Even if you can’t pull off something big to express your love, you must know that there’s no need for extraordinary things to impress your special one. Even small gestures and ordinary things can mean a lo

. If your love for her is genuine and your gestures are thoughtful, then you can impress the love of your life in no time. Explore the deepest feelings with a bunch of love and romance ideas


Cute Romantic Ideas

Looking for something special to do for your beloved, but stumped for ideas. Whether you want a gesture that's creative, outrageous, inexpensive, quick or classic, we've got the answer.
  1. Make sure that you show loving gestures frequently. This will make your partner feel special. This way you will keep the love young and romantic.
  2. Plan for movies at home and cuddle in the sofa to watch the movie.
  3. Arrange for a bubble bath.
  4. While your loved one is enduring the daily grind, surprise them by sending them flowers, a box of chocolates, or another small token of appreciation. They won't expect it, and it will brighten their day at work.
  5. Once you finish reading a romantic novel you may text your partner saying that you have finish reading the novel. Add a spark by adding that this romantic story is good but yours is the best.
  6. Make the birthdays and anniversary special.
  7. Remember that everyone likes surprises. Surprise your partner by giving him what he likes.
  8. Wear what he/she likes you to wear.
  9. Surprise your sweetie with breakfast in bed.
  10. Make your honey the king or queen for the day. Do everything they'd like to do and indulge in their hobbies. They will feel special and loved.
  11. Take out an ad in a public place or billboard and publicly declare your love for someone.
  12. Go for a long drive.
  13. Talk a walk on a full moon night.
  14. A walk on the beach will give you memories to cherish.
  15. Be romantic whenever necessary.
  16. Drink wine and rejuvenate your self.
  17. Declare your love for someone in a poem. Poems are classic ways of expressing love, and you could even turn it into a song if you play an instrument or have a nice voice.
  18. Make a CD of songs which your partner will love to listen.
  19. Plan your weekends in the most romantic way.
This way you will make your relationship the most young and vibrant one. It is not a crime to make your love life an existing one. So, you can plan your things the way you want.

Romantic Gestures for Everyday Life

Considering the importance of every day little things, think about some new romantic ideas. Here are a few to get you started: -
  1. Pay your loved one a compliment, such as how awesome you look.
  2. Give your loved one a strong hug.
  3. Pick a bouquet of wild flowers and present it with a kiss.
  4. Massage his/her back and feet at the end of a work week.
  5. Leave an "I love you" note on the pillow.
  6. Call spontaneously at their work to say "I am thinking about you."
  7. Place your arm around your loved one in public.

Unique Romantic Ideas

Think of the traditional ways of wooing your sweetheart and plan your passionate weekend. Shun those regular ideas and create magic by seeping her heart. Make everything memorable by incredible romantic ways of expressing your love.
  1. Hot air balloon ride-
    You can take your sweetheart on the hot air balloon ride. Explore the heights of sky and make your beloved feel special by taking her on this unique sky tour. Write a romantic message or poem and read it out loud to her. Express all your desires and wishes you want to fulfill with her. This exclusive ride will surely steal her heart. Make it extraordinary by gifting her flowers and cards before your ride begins.

  2. Go boating
    You always want some lone time to spend with your wife or girlfriend. Then why not try out paddle boating this weekend. Picnics can be really boring so, hire a paddle boat and take her sailing. Pick up a near by lake or river where you can enjoy this adventurous boating. Boating together can be an unusual love experience. You can take some wine and cookies as snacks for your boating expedition. This is an amazing romantic idea to enjoy your weekend with your partner.

  3. Theatrical evening
    Traditional way of expressing love is through music. Why not go back to those years and book an evening in the Opera house or Orchestra night. Let the night be more classic and passionate than, loud. Ask your wife to dress up in those long evening gowns and take her to the theater in one of the old classic cars. Try something dramatic by enjoying the night at Orchestra night. This can be one of the unique romantic ideas to rejuvenate your love life.

  4. Long drives
    Sounds boring and usual one. You can hit the roads on your bike at the highest speed. Hold your partner so tight that even air should not pass through you and hit those highways wearing leather jackets. Remember those 70's themes of leather jackets, heavy chain accessories, tight leather pants and 500 cc motorbikes. Explore the roads and enjoy this extraordinary passionate drive just with your darling. Be careful while driving and use helmets. You can team your romantic day with other friends' couple also.

  5. Kidnap her
    Does this sound risky - then try it. Don't call or inform your lover about your plans just enter her bedroom and take her out in her nightwear to a romantic place. She should have no clue about this. This is undeniably one of the best unique romantic ideas to enjoy your weekend. Gift her long stud roses, musical cards and a special gift to make her feel on top of the world. Express your love in a unique way by kidnapping her from her hostel or home. Ensure that she feels safe with your and take her to a romantic beach or lake side of a passionate night to be spent together.

Sweet Romantic Ideas

Leave an everlasting impression on the one you love with a sweet and tender gesture. From greeting cards to simply spending time together, it's the little things that really make a difference.
  1. Romance with a car-wash
    Make your man feel special by washing his car for him. Call him to ask something about the car and make him wet by spraying water from the water pipe. This will bring about some fun and excitement. Play with water and get wet..totally wet..Give a passionate kiss and let him lift you and take inside the house. A simple idea but can create a sensationally romantic ambiance.

  2. Romance with love
    Romance becomes the best when it is done with love. Get romantic with your beloved. Sit on a couch and make her sit on your lap. Run your hands through her hair. Kiss her gently on the shoulder. Hold her around the waist and tell her how much you love her. Love her..appreciate her. Be her prince and treat her like a princess.

  3. Romance that never ends!!
    When you wake up in the morning, kiss your beloved. When you leave for work, kiss each other. When you come home, kiss again. Passionate kisses keep the oil of the love lamp burning. Lock each others hearts with super sensational lip locks..

  4. Chocolaty Romance
    Get some chocolates from the market. Tie a ribbon around your beloved's wrists. Then hold a piece of chocolate with your teeth and tease your lover so that he gets tempted to eat it. Run here and there to tempt him further. Finally have that piece of chocolate together but without the usage of hands for holding the chocolate. This will create a chocolaty romantic ambiance.

  5. Never ending romance
    The simplest way for a romance filled day is to wake your darling up with a kiss on her forehead. When she opens her eyes, hug her tightly and steal a kiss. A romantic morning will kiss start a romance filled day.

  6. Romance and cooking
    If your wife is cooking in the kitchen, go there and hug her from behind. Hold her from her waist and kiss her on the head and then shoulder. When she turns back, hug her tightly, lift her, seat her on the slab and kiss her passionately. A simple idea but a very very romantic one.

  7. Romance on the terrace
    Plan a candlelight dinner on the terrace of your house. Use your beloved's favorite colors. Put posters of you two on the walls. When he/she comes, play light music, come close,look into each others eyes and start dancing. Mesmerize each other and finally seal it with a kiss. Dine together. Give each other some romantic compliments and make your evening beautiful with some ultra romantic moments.

  8. Romance in the car..get her close..closer...the closest...
    This is a simple idea but will bring your darling very close to you. Take her for a long drive. Put the air conditioning on and that too at the maximum speed. This will create a chilly ambiance. Look at your lover..straight in her eyes..Ask if she is feeling cold. If she says yes, hug her tightly and give her the warmth of your body. If she says a no, hug her even tighter saying that you are freezing and its only her love that will melt you. A simple idea but can create an ultra romantic wave..Try it...

  9. Fragrance of your love
    Spread the fragrance of your love. Decorate your room with roses, heart shaped balloons and spray your lover's favorite fragrance starting from the entrance door till the room where the surprise is. Invite your beloved. When he/she comes, let the door be open. Hide in your room. Let her find you through the fragrance. When he/she reaches the room, hug him/her and give a gentle kiss. Turn on the light and surprise him/her with the ambiance of the room. This will create a magic by the fragrance of your love.

  10. Romantic Movies
    Watch a romantic movie together. This will ignite the fire of your love and strengthen it even further. Romantic movies always create a soft magical ambiance and build a comfort zone for the lovers. Some popular romantic movies that can be seen together are Titanic, If Only, The Notebook and A walk to remember. Pick any one and spread the magic of your love.

  11. Greeting cards
    A well designed greeting card is an essential part of giving. The best card is one with a message that expresses what we fell about the other person,as well as having an attractive design that complements any gift we might be offering.
Right from conveying your feelings in a perfect manner to taking your sweetheart to a romantic vacations and having your romantic candlelight dinner with the soft music playing at the background, My Dear Valentine has all the ideas for you to explore and use to woo your loved one.