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How to Make Romance Last ?

Romance is such an intangible thing, and there might be times when it seems everyone has it figured out but you. The truth is nobody knows a perfect formula that will create a romantic mood at the drop of a hat.


Real romance takes effort, practice, and a little thought. The best way to impress your lover is to take a few risks every now and then, doing something that they don’t expect. With that in mind, here are the most important aspects of capturing that ever-elusive romantic feeling.

Focus on Each Other

Chocolates, red roses, and candles are all well and good, but true romance isn’t about props—it’s about the two of you! Don’t fall into the trap of thinking that you somehow “need” this or that thing, without which romance will somehow be impossible to achieve.


Any time that you spend with your significant other can be romantic, because the magic of it will be in your attitudes. When you’re in a romantic mood, communicate this to your partner. Make them feel sexy and loved, and they’ll be sending the same signals right back to you.

Get Some Alone Time

It’s difficult for romance to blossom with distractions coming and going every minute, so you would do well to plan ahead and minimize them as much as possible.


Even if your life is very hectic, it’s always possible to reorganize things so that you and your partner can have some time together. Get a friend or relative to watch the kids, turn off your electronic devices, and keep your schedule clear of other obligations near the same time so that you don’t have to rush.


Make sure that your partner is well aware of your plans, too—imagine how disappointing it would be to plan a romantic evening together only to find out that your other half has to work that night!

Try Something New

If you and your significant other have been together a while, you might notice that things seemed to have slowed down over the years. However, this doesn’t have to be a permanent state of affairs, as many long-time couples have discovered.


Nothing can trigger more romantic encounters than a sense of spontaneity and danger (not that you have to do anything that’s actually dangerous, of course, as the thought of it alone is what’s exciting).


Come up with a list of ideas of things that you and your lover have never tried before, then read it with them and see what sounds interesting. Trying new things will keep your relationship fresh even as you feel completely comfortable with one another, creating the perfect environment for romance to flourish.

Get Creative

Even if you’re not a painter or a poet, all of us have creative impulses that can often result in the best romantic interaction anyone could ask for. If you know that you have a specific creative talent, such as writing or drawing, make a special piece just for your partner.


If you’re better at activities such as interior design, rearrange your bedroom so that it’s just perfect for a romantic tryst. If you’re more of a clever prankster, even that is a form of creativity—leave your partner little clues to lead them to a present that you got for them, for example.


What’s important is that your significant other knows that you’ve been thinking of them, and that you really put an effort into doing something special and romantic just for them to enjoy.