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Romantic Getaways and Hotels in Washington

Washington with its diverse tourist interests and multi-ethnic culture comes up as a great weekend destination for planning a trip. Romantic Getaways in Washington offers a lot to the romantic couples and is perfect as a top romantic hideout. Charming cities like, Bellevue, Seattle, Vancouver, and Leavenworth make it a popular choice of romance retreat for the couples. Washington offers an eclectic blend of natural wonders, scenic beauties, and entertainment hotspots and proves to be an ideal destination to indulge in a short romantic break away from the busy city life.

Top Romantic Destinations of Washington

Let us have a look at the romantic places that have become popular interests for tourists while on romantic getaways in Washington:

Bellevue - The name is itself suggestive of wonderful nature's beauty as the name in French means 'beautiful view'. On the east side of Lake Washington and 7 miles downtown Seattle lays the ideal enclave for romance seekers. The city with a perfect blend of natural beauty and cosmopolitan lifestyle promises a true romantic retreat for the couples. The parks and the recreational centers offer the wonderful view of nature while the upscale Bellevue Club Hotel presents a grand romantic treat. An ideal destination for romance, Bellevue has everything for a great romantic weekend getaway.

Seattle: A great weekend getaway destination during the Christmas, Seattle allures the romantic couples like none other. The city turns to a wonderland with all glitzy and colorful decoration, twinkling lights, and a great holiday spirit. An ideal enclave for winter romance, a visit to this place paves the way for romance into the love life of couples. Book a hotel during the holiday season and steal moments of intimacy and togetherness amidst the festive spirit.

Vancouver - A charming multi ethnic city, Vancouver over the years has become a popular romantic destination for the couples. The city offers an assorted mix of natural wonders and entertainment hotspots. The astounding natural beauty of the place with spectacular sea and shore will just leave you spellbound. A great shopping destination, Vancouver also has a line of excellent restaurants. The west coast cities will make you fall in love with it and leave you romantic to the core of your heart with attractions like 'Stanley Park' that continues to mesmerize with its idyllic charm and beauty of nature.

Leavenworth: A beautiful romantic destinations, this one is like heaven for the romance seekers and love couples. Surrounded by mighty mountains lies a Bavarian town that is sure to leave you mesmerized. Stunning natural beauty and the hills will surely make you feel the wonders of Alps. A popular destination for the hikers, skiers, mountain bikers, and sightseers, this one also enchants and entices the couple. The main attraction and beauty of this mountain town lies in its cascading waterfalls. A winter wonderland, the snow clad mountaintops and trees make Leavenworth a great winter romantic destination. Enjoy a hot tub bath and steal moments of intimacy with a stay in the romantic hotels of Leavenworth.

Woodland Park Zoo - Seattle: The mention of a zoo as a romantic getaway is bound to take you by surprise, buy who says that zoos can not be romantic. True, that it does not have wonderful natural beauty or other romantic attraction, but it definitely has an appeal that allures the couples to plan a trip to the zoo. Get romantic a bit in adventurous style; a day for jut the two of you amidst the wildness of nature will surely be appealing and exciting. Spend the day roaming hand in hand in the closed arena of wildlife and share bits of romanticism.


Top Hotels and Resorts in Washington

Maximize the fun and romance with a stay in the romantic hotels and inns of Washington. Here is a look at the hotels and resorts of Washington that guarantees a true romantic retreat for the couples.

1. Hotel Sierra - Bellevue
2. Edgewater Hotel- Seattle
3. The Enzian Inn - Leavenworth
4. Embassy Suites Hotel-Bellevue
5. The Davenport Hotel and Tower- Spokan

Romantic Getaways in Washington with its diverse attractions and excellent hotels and resorts will surely make a trip worth of remembrance.

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