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Romantic Getaways in Washington DC

Washington DC, the power capital, is already a famous tourist destination. However, what we need to be aware of is that it also has a romantic fever with romantic getaways in Washington DC. Couples visiting Washington DC can always visit some of these romantic places for a wonderful getaway. So if you need to relax yourself and spend some quality time with your loved one, plan a trip to the top romantic getaways of Washington DC.


Top Romantic Destinations of Washington DC

Let us have a look at the romantic places to be visited while on romantic getaways in Washington DC.

  1. Alexandria: A wonderful romantic destination, Alexandria is just perfect for catch up with a weekend getaway. A quaint city, this one is still unknown to maximum of the tourists. However, the city is fast catching up the fever of romantic break and the coming up of romantic resorts and hotels have vastly contributed towards the popularity of this city. The restaurants of Alexandria are highly popular as they lay an incredibly delicious spread of ethnic foods. While on a visit to this city, do not miss out on its delicacies and entice your taste buds to great treats. Furthermore, boutiques, antique shops, and specialty stores add an extra romantic appeal to the city.
  2. Kalorama and Adams-Morgan: The neighbors Kalaroma and Adams-Morgan are the twin cities of fun and entertainment that maximize the romantic appeal of Washington DC. Contemporary lifestyle, vibrant nightclubs, and great Ethiopian restaurants make these twin cities highly favorite with the romantic couples. The twin cities offer an ideal blend of traditionalism with modernity. At one moment, you are walking down the Connecticut Avenue and the next moment, you are dancing your way out and indulging in delicacies at the plush restaurants and nightclubs of the city. The twin cities are a popular romantic destination and are perfect to catch up with a romantic weekend getaway.
  3. Dupont Circle: Explore the "Upper West Side" of Washington DC, walk down the lazy streets of Dupont Circle and steal moments of intimacy amidst the natural surroundings. An ideal destination of romantic couples, this area of Washington DC hosts a fascinating blend of old with the new. A quiet romantic destination, you can enjoy the feeling of love in Dupont Circle, which is considered as the ideal enclave of romantic couples.
  4. The Hill: Another hot pick of the romantic couples, 'The Hill' is an ideal romantic destination of Washington DC. An effervescent modern community, the hill hosts some of the best romantic restaurants and shopping destinations along with a touch of traditionalism. You can also take up a lazy stroll in and around the community while exploring about your country and knowing interesting things about the country. A perfect destination to relax and unwind, this community is just ideal to catch up with a romantic break away from the hustle bustle of daily life.
  5. Blade Runners: National Zoo on Skates: This one is a unique but fun destination and a visit to this place is a must. Skate around the area holding hands and indulge in some bouts of romance. A fun romantic getaway, this one has fast become highly popular with the young romantic couples. Move around without a worry of parking your bike and car and explore the scenic beauties of Washington. Moreover, a vibrant nightlife, great dining opportunities and romantic retreat make this a top choice among the couples.

Romantic Getaways in Washington DC can prove to be an ideal place to indulge into a bit of romanticism. The capital city hosts some great romantic destinations and is ideal for a weekend getaway to break in the mood of romance in the daily mundane life.

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