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Top 5 Romantic Getaways in Vermont

Vermont over the years has become a hot- spot for the romantic couples, who repeatedly visit the place to get a taste of the spectacular beauty of nature. Romantic getaways in Vermont offer top rated romantic attraction to the tourists, which are sure to cast the magical spell of romance in a couple's everyday life. Bring back romance in your life, light up the flame of love, or fall in love with your partner all over again with a visit to Vermont. Weave the saga of love amidst the wonderful scenic beauties and spectacular natural wonders; build romance in the lap of nature.

Top Romantic Destinations in Vermont

Let us have a look at the romantic destinations to be visited while on romantic getaways in Vermont.

1. Grafton: One of the most popular romantic destinations of Vermont, Grafton enthralls and captivates like none other. Once you have visited this place, you will definitely want to come back here once again and may be for more. Grafton is the perfect place to just relax and chill away from the hustle bustle of the daily life. Enjoy with your partner and get romantic amidst the beautiful surrounding at Grafton without any worry about tomorrow.

2. Stowe: A romantic place and a hot pick with the couples, Stowe spells the charm of romance like none other. A unique Ski town, it is extremely popular with the ski lovers and it is believed that, you are bound to meet your love in this romantic destination. The place has an aura about it that so strongly holds the fervor of love and romance. Stowe is a perfect destination to enjoy your weekend getaway in solace and peace. The season of winter is the most popular time to visit Stowe, but in other seasons too, the place holds numerous opportunities for outdoor activities. Moreover, with great dining facilities, spa, and festivals, Stowe remains a top choice.

3. Manchester Village: Plan a romantic weekend getaway at Manchester Village while in Vermont and your beloved will just love it. A perfect getaway for any of the seasons, the 'Manchester Village' offers a host of opportunities for outdoor activities. Furthermore, the spectacular natural beauty will just leave you stunned.

4. Woodstock: you need to plan a trip to Woodstock to understand its popularity as one of the romantic destinations. A hot favorite with the romantic couples, you need to stay back in Woodstock to get a taste of its rural areas. Deep valleys, winding rivers, and hills adorn the Woodstock. The place also holds opportunities for the skiers and hikers. At Woodstock, you get to taste both the rural and urban setting of lifestyle.

5. The Mad River Valley: Exceptionally beautiful, the 'Mad River Valley' is one of the best romantic destinations adorned by mountains and a beautiful river pouring through. While at Vermont, do not miss out this famous attraction, where you can even plan a picnic beside the bubbling streamline. Get romantic in the lap of nature and feel the experience of love and being loved while enjoying an evening paddle under the moonlit sky. Find nature at its best while on a visit to the valley.

Vermont hosts some of the best romantic destination and it is always enthralling and captivating to plan surprise romantic Getaways in Vermont.

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