Top 7 Romantic Getaways in Texas

A romantic getaway is just the perfect way of surprising your love with something exciting and entertaining. Plan a visit to the romantic getaways in Texas and enjoy the much-needed romantic break from the daily routine life. Spectacular scenic beauties, contemporary lifestyle, and some great romantic destinations welcome you at Texas. Apart from the natural wonders and the contemporary lifestyle, the state also hosts some excellent hotels, which offer great service and induces the break of romance in your love life. A visit to the state is sure to re-kindle the flame of romance in your love life, which will never disappoint your time and effort.

Famous Romantic Destinations of Texas

Let us have a look at the famous destinations to be visited while you are on romantic getaways in Texas:

1. San Antonio: One of the famous cities of Texas, San Antonio is a hot favorite with the romantic couples. The city is home to the famous Spanish Mission of America, Alamo and Riverwalk, which is another top attraction of San Antonio. Vibrant nightclubs, plush restaurants and great shopping destinations, make it a popular choice among romantic couples. The city is just perfect to catch an exciting and entertaining getaway.

2. Texas Hill Country: Get romantic amidst the natural wonders and spectacular scenic beauties. Situated in the heart of Texas, the hill country is the birthplace of the 36th U.S President and hosts his home. Magnificent Oak trees, huge limestone rocks, and wildflowers welcome you at Hill Country. Experience the flavor of love amidst the surreal surroundings of nature.

3. Fredericksburg, Hill Country: A top pick in the weekend Getaway destination, Fredericksburg has become very popular with the locales as well as the tourists. A great romantic destination for the couples, Fredericksburg hosts various festivals and is adorned by b&b's, biergartens, and antique shops.

4. Rose Hill Manor: Stonewall, Texas: A romantic hotel atop the hill, this one is a favorite with the romantic couples and especially the newly-weds. Situated in stonewall, the hotel is just 15 minutes away from Fredericksburg and is very popular for its great delicacies and local wines. You can plan a weekend getaway amidst the lap of nature in this popular hotel that offers spectacular view of Pedernales River Valley and excellent service.

5. Big Bend National Park, West Texas: While you are on a visit to Texas, do not miss out on the west part of the city that is home to the famous Big Bend National Park. If you are adventurous by nature, then the park is a must visit for you. Here you get to see the stunning desert and mountains that offer an opportunity to go on a hike. Gear up to enjoy the host of recreational activities being offered by the national park, like; mountain biking, camping, fishing, boating, and nature watching. Far-off from the hustle bustle of city life, the park offers great scope of a bit romancing amidst the seclusion.

5. Riverwalk - No visit to Texas, or to be more precise to San Antonio is ever considered complete without a tour of the Riverwalk. The most popular attraction of San Antonio, this one is a great place for the couples to enjoy some moments of love and romance. Plush restaurants, great shopping destination, and a vibrant nightlife make the tour to this part of the city entertaining and exciting.

6. Schlitterbahn - Get drenched in the pool of love and have a splash of romance as you visit the famous water park of the state. The water park, which is originally situated German-heritage town of New Braunfels, has also opened up in South Padre Island due to its rising popularity among the tourists. Arrange a trip to the water park and enjoy the moments of love and togetherness that you get to share while experiencing the exciting and entertaining rides of the park.


Romantic Getaways in Texas offers a host of opportunities for the romantic couples to enjoy a romantic vacation and maximize the fun and enjoyment.

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