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Romantic Getaways in Tennessee

A romantic destination of the U.S.A, Tennessee is a hot favorite with couples of all age to spend a cozy romantic vacation. Romantic Getaways in Tennessee is sure to break the mood of romance and re-kindle the fire of love. The culturally diverse state of the U.S.A holds numerous possibilities of romance as you get to visit water parks, zoos, and adventurous science centers. Luxurious hotels and inns make the stay more romantic as they guarantee entertainment along with excellent service.


Famous Destinations of Tennessee

Let us have a look at the popular romantic getaways in Tennessee that is sure to spell the charm of romance in your love life.


1. Chattanooga (South East Tennessee): A popular romantic destination of Tennessee, 'Chattanooga' is a beautiful place for stealing some moments of intimacy. The name actually refers to is sharp feature 'Lookout Mountain' that houses many limestone cliffs and underground waterfalls.

Grand Ole Opry (Nashville) - A famous attraction of Nashville, the 'Grand Ole Opry House' is a hub for the music lovers. If your love is a music lover, then a visit to this place is a must. Catch wonderful performances and shows that go on at the Opry throughout the year.

Smokey Mountains (East Tennessee): When it comes to romantic places, then a visit to the smoky mountains situated in East Tennessee is a must. Astounding natural beauties, great scenic wonders, and lush green forests adorns the peaks of 'Smoky Mountains'. A visit to this place is sure to lead you to a world of romance.

Memphis Zoo (Memphis) - While on a vacation at Tennessee, plan a trip to the 'Memphis Zoo'. Fun filled and entertaining, a visit to the zoo will surely spell the magical charm of love in your life. The zoo of Memphis is a hot pick of the tourists and is quite popular with the couples of all age. Young lovers love to visit this place as this offers excitement and entertainment like none other.

Adventure Science Center (Nashville) - Get adventurous while on a romantic vacation with a visit to the 'adventure science center' located in Nashville. A great place for the kids, this one holds equal enjoyment for the couples too. An adventurous break at a romantic vacation will breathe in a spell of freshness in the holiday. Experience something new with a visit to this science center while on a leisurely vacation of romance.

Plan a surprise visit to Tennessee and spell in new charm of love away from the daily mundane routine life. Romantic getaways in Tennessee surely sum up to be a great vacation worth the time and effort.

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