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Romantic Getaways and Hotels in South Dakota

If you are looking to reignite the passion of your love life with a quick weekend getaway, then one place you must consider is South Dakota. Romantic Getaways in South Dakota has a lot to offer in terms of enjoyment and is ideal for couples looking for places a little out of the ordinary. The pure natural feel of South Dakota will leave you spell bound and let you enjoy a beautiful weekend with your beloved right in nature's embrace away from the hustle bustle of city.

Top Romantic Places of South Dakota

Let us have a look at the romantic places to be visited while on Romantic Getaways in South Dakota:

Badlands National Park: Across 80 million years of geologic history, the largest area of badlands in the nation is a marvelous example of erosion and weathering. Although the land appears inhospitable, the Badlands is a home to an unexpected diversity of animals and plants. Fortunately, despite the impression of impenetrable natural barriers that one might get from its name, Badlands National Park is not difficult to see. The fossil-rich area is both awe-inspiring in its beauty and, at the same time, dark and forbidding, in spite of traces of color in a mostly grayish white and barren landscape. Deep ravines and highly jagged ridges dot the terrain, and there is much to see in this curious area.

Mount Rushmore National Memorial: Mount Rushmore National Memorial is part of the highly scenic Black Hills region. The sculptor, Gutzon Borglum, selected the site because the 6,000-foot mountain dominated the surrounding terrain and because it faced the sun for most of the day. The concept of the memorial was born in 1923, but actual construction did not begin until four years after that and its completion took another 14 years. The heads of George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Abraham Lincoln and Theodore Roosevelt are each 60 feet high and carved in such elaborate detail that the emotions of the subjects are clearly obvious to the observer. The gigantic carvings are 1,400 feet above the visitor center and the adjacent viewing areas. It is a symbol of America every bit as much as the Statue of Liberty. In addition, it is worth every effort to see because it will come as an experience, you will never forget.

Black Hills: South Dakota is a unique experience for tourists, especially city dwellers, and is a great romantic destination. The mesmerizing natural beauty and unusual geographical landscapes combined with the presence of Native Americans and the history of Wild West make it a top choice among tourists. The Sioux Nation has a considerable population in South Dakota, considered more than 70,000, mostly comprising of Lakota, Dakota and Nakota tribes of the Sioux Nation, living both on and off reservations. These Native Indians were driven from their natural habitat, the Black Hills, after the discovery of gold there in 1874.

Best Romantic Hotels of South Dakota

Nothing other than a great hotel, a resort or an inn can maximize the entertainment of a romantic vacation. A stay at any of these popular hotels wills double your fun and romance


  1. Abend Haus Cottages and Audries B & B
  2. Grand Gateway Hotel
  3. Strutton Inn Bed & Breakfast
  4. Holiday Inn Rapid City Rushmore Plaza
  5. Best Western Golden Spike Inn

A visit to the romantic getaways of South Dakota will surely cast the magical spell of romance while steering your love life to new direction.

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